Top Fashion Tips to Adhere to a Casino Dresscode

If you have plans to visit a casino then you will need to remember that most of them have a dress code, when you are thinking about what to wear. Happily most women have the sort of clothing choice that will ensure they have something suitable for any casino night out.

A gambling get-up

If you are a lover of blackjack, baccarat, poker and other casino games and are planning to get some serious gambling in during your time there, then your clothes will be of secondary importance. The vast majority of casinos are happy to let people in as long as they look smart, which means even a pair of ironed and washed jeans, coupled with a blouse and jacket will be perfectly acceptable. You will probably want to go with flat shoes, rather than heels, because they will be a much more comfortable option when you just want to focus on playing your favourite casino games.

Look pretty for the party

Alternatively you may be planning for it to be party time when you go to the casino – and what you wear then will almost certainly be completely different from what you would wear to go gambling. While you still want to feel comfortable in your outfit, if you are going to a casino party, the visual impression you make will be much more important. The kind of super-revealing and short skirts or dresses that are often worn to nightclubs will violate the dress codes at many casinos, while opting for a full-length dress or gown will most likely leave you feeling over-dressed and a tad old fashioned.

A good balance between the two is to wear a little black dress as this is perennially stylish, would be totally acceptable at any casino, and is dynamic enough to send out the message that you are there to have a good time.

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