How to Increase Height with Effective Foods

“I wish I was a little taller,” well, this is the sentiment echoed by a majority of the population as height is synonymous with elegance and beauty. How to increase height with food? Most of us feel that we can’t improve our height but that’s not true the right food and exercises can help you to reach your desired height, at least close to your desired height. Yes, your genes play an important part in determining your final height. But you can enable your height to increase just a wee bit more with the right tips and tricks. Here, it means diet and exercises. Men grow till the age of 25 while women grow till the age of eighteen. The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) regulates the height. The pituitary gland secretes this hormone and it impacts the body height. The equation is simple here, consume foods that improve your HGH function. But do you know of the foods that can help you gain a few inches? Click here to read more about how to increase height with food.

Top Foods that are Effective in Increasing your Height

Do you know that your height can actually result from inadequate nutrition? Most of us miss on the essential nutrients that thwart our growth prospects, especially during the time of adolescence years. Your body requires the right nutrients for building strong muscles, tendons and ligaments. By essential nutrients, we mean a balanced nutrition that includes a lot of vitamins and minerals, these are the exact foods you need to increase your height.

  • Milk – Did your mother insist on that one tall glass of milk every single day, well she was right! Because not only does it contain a fair amount of calcium, but it is also a great source of protein that enhances your height. For those super strong bones up your calcium intake, read, have at least 2 – 3 glasses of milk.
  • Dairy foods – If milk is a must add to your increase-your-height food list, can yogurt be far behind? Yes, dairy products have a positive impact on your height. Foods such as cheese, paneer contain the right balance of protein and calcium and give an impetus to your growth prospects.
  • Chicken – Chicken scores really high on the listed protein-rich foods. It helps in the building of tissues and muscles in your body.
  •  Grains and starches – They are a great source of essential nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, magnesium and selenium. You will find these nutrients in foods such as rice, brown rice, whole grain pasta, popcorn and so on. These foods should be an integral part of your life, especially during the time of adolescence.
  • Eggs – Whenever we think of protein-rich foods, we think of eggs and don’t avoid the yolk, as good fats are absolutely essential to help in the assimilation of the nutrients. In fact, the egg yolk is a powerhouse of essential nutrients that help in the increase of your height.  At least two eggs are essential for proper height growth.
  • Fruits and veggies – You know fruits and veggies are healthy and full of essential vitamins, and potassium, vitamin A et al but do you know that they help in the development of bones and tissues as well? Fruits are chock-a-block with vitamin A and should be an integral part of your diets.

There are a number of fruits that are a must-add, namely cantaloupes, grapefruit, mango, apricots, papaya, watermelon and so on. Vegetables contain abundant doses of vitamin A, some of them are broccoli, peas, sweet potato, spinach, pumpkin, all the cruciferous veggies such as cabbages, cauliflower and so on. Additionally, there are some fruits such as citrus fruits, berries, potatoes, and tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C essentially known to help accelerate your height growth.

  • Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is a powerful Ayurveda medicine that is incredibly effective in increasing height as it secretes HGH in your body. To all those who are looking at increasing their bone density and improve bone health, ashwagandha is perfect for them. To make it even more potent add black sesame seeds (rich in antioxidants and vitamin B and minerals). Add almond powder (calcium, potassium, and magnesium) to your milk to make it even more enriching.  Consume this drink every night before you hit the snooze button. A teaspoon of each of these powders is all you need to make this drink. Have this for a good number of days and you will surely see a difference.
  • Soya Beans – The protein-rich soya beans are super effective in increasing the bone density and tissue growth. Of course, to get good results, you need to consume it regularly. 50 grams of soybeans is all you need to give a boost to your height growth.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – These seeds may be tiny but they are power-packed with an all-important mineral known as magnesium that enhances both bone and tooth formation.  Rich in the essential amino acids, add them to your daily diet and give a shot in the arm to your height.
  • Tofu – Tofu is known for its health-nurturing qualities. It also aids in weight loss but did you know that tofu is great for enhancing your height too? Well, if you didn’t know, now is the time to add tofu to your dietary scheme of things for more reasons than one.
  • Fish – In love with seafood? Now there are more reasons to devour them.  Yes, they not only tease your palate but they increase your height as well. Tuna, salmon or sardine you take your pick, they are enriched with vitamin D, an essential nutrient that is really beneficial for your health. It is also full of protein that keeps you fuller for longer. Vitamin D also helps in the absorption of calcium. Protein-rich fish helps repair tissues and stalls bone degeneration right in its paths. Need any more reasons to consume fish? We sure don’t!

Yes, you can increase your height, but the first thing you must do is transform your diet and include the right exercises into your daily regime. Being tall is no longer a distant dream, it is a reality even if your genes say otherwise.

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