Egle Tvirbutaite Citizen K International Spring 2010

{YBA} I am in love with charming, dazzling and elegant diamonds, and these beautiful objects are highly attractable for all girls and women, as it is a universal truth, “Diamonds are girl’s best friend”.

Recent magazine of Citizen K International, is about the beauty of diamonds that are professionally managed and photographed of the stunning and hot beaut Egle Tvirbutaite.

Best freindship of diamonds seems to ring true for a beauty story found in the most recent issue of Citizen K International Spring 2010. Drenched in diamonds and other fine trinkets, model Egle Tvirbutaite shines in front of Sol Sanchez’s lens with an elegant wardrobe styled by Benoit Bethume.

Diamonds collection is so stylish and beautiful.  Egle Tvirbutaite is looking a beauty queen by wearing such a vivid and vibrant collection.

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