Marike Le Roux Models “New Romantic” for Flair May 2010

{YBA} The Marike Le Roux Flair May 2010 shoot takes the elements of youth and old age and combines them into one amazing editorial spread. In the shoot for the May 2010 issue, model Marike Le Roux’s hair is dyed all gray to resemble that of an old woman. Even some of her postures also resemble a person of old age.

Keeping up with the trend of alternative hairstyles, this month’s Flair  features Wilhelmina’s Mirke le Roux donning an electric blue hairstyle as wears notable dresses of the season. Captured by Beau Grealy  and styled by Kate Sebbah in feminine and airy looks from Valentino, Prada, Roberto Cavalli and others, Mirke brings her own brand of beauty to New Romantic.

This editorial shoot mixed two unlikely themes and it worked perfectly. Does the Marike Le Roux Flair May 2010 shoot capture your eyes? Don’t forget to write comments.

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