How To Treat Frontal Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a major problem for millions of women and men, old and young. In fact, the loss of hair can make you feel stressed and unattractive, especially if you care about how you look. Frontal hair loss is no joke. It is a big blow to the ego, especially since it is the first thing most people see in a person. Frontal hair loss will start by the hair in these regions getting weaker and then falling out completely.

This can happen slowly and most of the time you are not even going to notice that it is happening. There are even people who lose more than half of their frontal hair and do not see it actually happening. Luckily, there are many methods other than surgery and medication that you can use so that your hair loss becomes less noticeable.

The Best Frontal Hair Loss Treatment

  • Apply a high-quality hair concealer to cover up your hair loss. These products can help thicken thinning hair and cover bald spots effectively. They are applied directly to your scalp with a spray can or a comb. They are also resistant to strong winds and you can go swimming with the product in your hair.
  • Rogaine is an option for patients in search of a cheap way to stop further hair loss. Rogaine is made of the drug Minoxodil. This treatment consists of a cream that you apply to the frontal area where you are experiencing balding. You will need to apply the cream twice per day and it will prevent additional hair loss.
  • If a topical treatment like Rogaine does not prove successful, you can see if your doctor will prescribe a hair loss treatment drug like Propecia. Propecia is usually prescribed once a day for a period of one year to treat frontal hair loss.
  • Purchase and apply a shampoo and conditioner that can thicken thinning hair. Search for products that add volume and strengthen your hair from roots to tips.
  • Order a high-quality hairpiece to cover up your hair loss. Hair pieces include weaves, hair extensions, toupees and wigs. These hair pieces are carefully tailored to fit your scalp and if worn correctly appear natural and can resist strong winds.

Frontal hair loss is easily treatable. You have the option to either go to a hair transplant clinic or you could buy a topical treatment instead.

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