Tilt Shift Tutorials For Photoshop and Photography

A good camera, good subjects and tons of lenses are definitely a photographer’s dream. Well it is a dream for me at least and I would just love to get one of those macro lenses for beautiful effects. Too bad I have to save lots of money for that but what I can do is just use Photoshop for now. The other day I found an interesting tutorial about the so called tilt- shift effect. This selection of tilt-shift tutorials will give you more information on this subject and I hope it will help you get the effect you want. And don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake!

How to Make Fake Miniature Scenes

Tilt-Shift Miniature Fake Technique in Photo-shop CS

Create Tilt-shift Miniature Effect in Photoshop

Tilt Shift Photography – Video Photoshop Tutorial

Simulated Tilt-Shift Using Photoshop Elements

Fake Model Photography

How to Create Your Own Tilt-Shift Photograph in Photoshop

Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

Tilt-Shift Photography and Photoshop Tutorial

Turn any Lens into a Tilt-Shift or Macro

How do Tilt Shift Lenses Work?

Simulate Original Pictures as Model Photography

Focusing Tilt-Shift Lenses

Faking Tilt-Shift – a Tutorial for Realistic Miniaturised Photos

How Shift Lenses Change Your Life

Using Tilt Shift Lenses to Control Perspective

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