15 Very Naughty SMS in Urdu Messages

{YBA} Are you looking for naughty sms messages, then your search ends here. You will find all the sms on naughty text messages related sayings here. Read and share the full collection of naughty msg text messages.

1. Wat happened to your mobile?
i was trying to call you but i got this message
welcome to the jungle network
the monkey you are trying to call is on tree please try later

2. In a intrvew, Manager: How do’s an electric motor run? Santa: Dhhuuuurrrrrrrr…
Manager shouts: Stop it. Santa: Dhhhhuurrrr dhhhuuup dhhuup dhup…

3. Hr laal rang RED ni hota
Hr murda DEAD ni hota
Kaisy kahoon pr ya he sach hy
Hr koi aap ki tarah MAD ni hota
MAD bolay to


4. Last night I coudnt sleep. I wanted your warm against my skin. I wanted you on me.
I wanted to feel you alll over my body.. but I cudnt find yoU! Where did I put my PYJAMAZ?

5. One day Santaaz Gfriend asks him,
Darling, on our Engagement will you give me a RING?
Santaaa: Yea sure, Give me your mobile Number

6. Whats the difference between magnet and woman?
Magnet has a positive side

7. Intelligent Man & Intelligent Woman = Romance
Stupid Man & Intelligent Woman = Affair
Intelligent Man & Stupid Woman = Pregnancy
Stupid Man & Stupid Woman = Marriage

8. Baby: Uss aunty ka pait kiyon phola hey
PAPAA: I know tu sab jantaaa hey
Baby: I dont know
PAPA: In kay pait mein paani bhara hy
Baby: Papaa phir bacha tou doob jayee gaa

9. Interviewer: Where where yo born?
Sardarji: Punjab,
interviewer: which part?
Sardarji : poori body was born in punjab….”

10. Major Rohail kI chhatri me surakh tha
ek AAdmi ne pucha k yA surakh kyON hy?
Major bola oy barish ruk jaye ge tu pata kesY chaly ga.

11. When I was young I begged God for a bike,
but God does not work that way…
so I stole a bike & begged for forgiveness.

12. Suna hai Yaad may hamari,
kisi ko loose motion lag gaye hain?
Chalo Hein to ye bhi aansu,
bass zara rasta bhatak gaye hain.

13. Teacher teaching a student algebra A=B and B=C,
it means A=C..Sir asked to give example for it.
Stdnt said, sir i love you and you love you’r daughter.
it means i love you’r daughter

14. A baby dog asks mama dog
How papa looks like.Mama dog said
Your dad came from behind I do not
have the chance to see its face carefully.

15. Wives r Incoming Calls
Lovers r outgoing calls,
Aunties r Toll-free calls,
Callgirls r Roaming calls,
Neighbour girls r Missed Calls.

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