Eid Smiling SMS Messages Collection – Smile 4 Friends Love

We want to say or send smile sms for your face, everyone like smile text messages and also smiles on others face. We are posting smile message for your smiling face on Eid Day Ceremony. My sms make you smile and happy

Read SMS and enjoy this Eid with your special relatives and friends.” Roses are famous for grace, Advocates are famous for case, Horses are famous for Race, But You are famous 4 SMILE on UR face “KEEP SMILING”.

The PURE HEART person can have wonderful SMILE that makes even his enemy to feel himself guilty for being enemy….
So,catch the world with your smile.

Habit of smiling can make your life happy. It costs nothing. You lose nothing but the people who get it, gets everything. So, always smile and smile forever.

The Best thing in the world is seeing somebody smile and it will be more better if you are the reason for their smile,so keep smiling and make others smile.

A little tune can make you sing,
A little hug can make you feel better
Some little things can make you happy.
I hope that my little disturbance will make you smile.

ONE SEED can create a forest. ONE SMILE can start a relationship. ONE TOUCH can show love-n-care. and ONE Friend can bring meaning to life.

Bells give us tinkles,
fountains give us sprinkles,
crying gives us wrinkles,
smile gives us dimples.
Keep smiling all the time.

Time and smile are the two crucial things in our life.
Sometimes time makes us to forget smile
sometimes someone’s smile makes us to forget time.

Smile in pleasure and pain..
Smile when pours like a rain..
Smile when some one hurts you,
Smile Bcoz some one still wants You.

Life is better when you are happy.
Best when other people are happy bcoz of you.
Be inspired,give peace and share your smile.

What is the difference between your smile and my smile? You smile when you feel happy and I smile when I see you happy. So Keep smiling.

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