Exam SMS Collection in Urdu and English

{YBA} Big collection of exam sms text messages , Jokes are the way to spent a happy time pass at every-time in busy life. We hope you will be happy to read it.

1. Hence Proved

study=dont fail
dont study=fail
adding eq 1&2
study+dont study=fail+dont fail
taking common

2. Kehdo Un Pahrny walo say

Kehdo un pharno walo say,
kabhi hum bhi parha kartay thay,
jitna syllabus parh k woh top kartay hain,
utna tu hum choice per chor dia karty thy.

3. Supply SUPPLY

Father to son: Saath walon ki larki ko dekh,

wo exam may first ayee hai ,

Son: Usko hi to dekhta tha,

tabhi to supply aii hai.

4. Humari Mohabat ka Imtehan mat lo Farzan

Humari mohabat ka imtehan mat lo farzana,

Hamaray pahle he imtehan ho rahay hain salaana.

5. To Improve Exam System

To improve exam system,
same should be infused in exams.

1- Reduce exam duration to 1:30 hr & marks to 50.

2- Introduce strategic break after 30 mints.

3- Give free hit, that is a chance for students to write there own questions & answers.

4- 1st 20 mins power play, that is no invigilator in the exam hall.

5- Introduce fair play awards.

6- Cheer girls to dance for correct answers written.

6. First Line To Write In Exams


All the answers written below are imaginary & work of my creative mind. Any resemblance to text book is unintentional & purely accidental.

7. Guzre hue Examz ko yaad na krna

Guzre hue Examz ko yaad na krna,

Answr sheet me jo likha he uski faryad na krna,

Jo hoga wo to hoga,

Uski fikar me apne Holidays barbad na krna.

8. Problems of Exams

Wright Brothrs


Graham Bell


Saale Ko Dhundo Re, Pakad K Marenge.

9. Stil Good Luck

Knw Wat It Feels Lyk While Xamz?

Tick Tock
Mind Block
Pen Stop
Eyes Up
Tym Shock
Jaw Drop
No Luck
Tym’s Up
Oh Fu#K
Xams Suck.

10. Genius Is A Person Who Can Do In 1 Day

Genius Is A Person Who Can Do In 1 Day

What Any Fool Can Do In 100 Days

Just As

We Complete Sylabus In A Day B4 Exam,

While D Faculty Take 1 Year.

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