Top Class April Fools SMS Collection

{YBA}A lot of collection of Funny April Fool Messages for making a smile and happy.

Since I Have Met You
The time since I have met you,
i have realized that a friend like
you is worth million dollars…
So, if u dont mind,
Can I sell you.

Hey Get Ready
Hey get ready, my marriage is fixed.
Its on 1st of April. Surprised?
Stupid, 1st april is April fool,
and you r the 1st person
whom I fooled.

If You Are In Tension
If you are in tension,
If nothing seems right,
If you find no way out,
Then just think of me only once,
I will be always there to
INCREASE your tensions.

You are a bitch?
B. I. T. C. H.
Please be don’t mind,

Known Each Other
We’ve known each other for
quite a while now, do you think
we can be more than friends?
Because i like you very much.
Will you be my partner to
rob a bank.

When You Feel Lonely
When u feel lonely and
alone & can not see
anyone around you,
the world seems to be
fading away,come along
with me I’ll talk you to
an eye specialist.

You Save This Message
If you save this message,
it means I’m cute.
If u edit this,
I’m still cute.
If u forward this,
you are spreading that
i am cute & if you erase
this, you are jealous of me
because i am cute.

I Want To Suck You
I want to suck you…
lick you…
wanna move my tongue
all over you…
wanna feel you in my mouth…
yep, that’s how you…
eat an ice cream.

When You Wake Up
In your life, when you wake up
& don’t see any one, then
come to me, i’ll be there to
hold ur hand & take you to

Sardar Got Into A Bus
Sardar got into a bus
on 1st April
when conductor asked
for ticket.
He gave Rs.10/-
and took the ticket and
said april fool.
I have pass.

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