Barbara Palvin in Voodoo Child Numéro #115 by Liz Collins

{YBA} Taking to the pages of Numéro for the first time, Barbara Palvin is a pure showgirl in flashy outfits curated by fashion editor Franck Benhamou.

In front of Liz Collins’ lens, the Hungarian beauty shines in pieces from the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin and Gucci in Voodoo Child.

Noticing a theme in Numero’s 115th issue? We had Magdalena the enchantress, Eniko the sorceress, and now here’s a pictorial of the lovely Barbara Palvin, Voodoo Child. But the real black magic is in the styling,

From Warrior-like metal plating to feathers, sequins, fringing and furs there’s no shortage of detail, and yet it all remains coherent. In outfits like these we don’t doubt Barbara can cut down mountains and raise a little sand.

New Model:   Barbara Palvin
Photography:   Liz Collins
Magazine:   Voodoo Child Numéro #115
Issue in: August 2010

Barbara Palvin by Liz Collins in Voodoo Child – Numéro #115

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