Friendship Tattoos and Their Meanings

Friendship is a pure selfless relationship and is precious for everyone of us. A famous Jewish saying quotes, “Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure”. We meet so many people in our life, but very few become good friends with us. A friend is the one who likes you in spite of your faults, who scolds you when you are wrong and praises you when you do a great job. Thus, finding a friend who values you, loves you and cares for you, is a time for celebration.

We like to symbolize our friendship in different ways, like tying friendship bracelets to each other or having friendship tattoos. Friendship tattoos are special and one of a kind and are becoming popular day by day. Tattooing is a unique method of symbolizing feelings, relations and emotions. There are innumerable ways to have friendship tattoos and here are some suggestions for the same.

Friendship Tattoo Designs

Whether it’s just you and your best friend or group of best friends, anybody can get friendship tattoos. Some people like to get a tattoo that symbolizes friendship while some simply go for similar tattoo designs. Here is a list of ideas on friendship tattoos for you.

Matching Friendship Tattoos:

Many friends getting friendship tattoos opt to get matching designs placed on identical body parts showing symmetry. The most popular locations for these tattoos are on feet, arms, shoulders and wrists. These designs can portray a common interest, an important event, or perhaps even a character that holds a particular meaning. Matching friendship tattoos are a fun way to physically show the world that two (or more) people share something special.

Interlocking Friendship Tattoo:

Interlocking friendship tattoos are designs sought by two people that are split in half so that each person wears half of the whole tattoo. This particular tattoo symbolizing that together each person completes the other. Popular interlocking friendship tattoos include puzzle pieces, sun and moon designs, lock and key designs, hearts, and yin yang symbols.

Celtic Knot Friendship Tattoos:

Celtic knots are an intricate weaving of knots that have no begging and no end. When used as friendship tattoos, they represent the union of two souls. These types of friendship tattoos make bold statements about the value of one’s friendship.

Claddagh Friendship Tattoos:

The claddagh is an Irish symbol for love and friendship. It’s meaning is “with my two hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love.” The claddagh symbol consists of two hands (representing friendship) holding a heart (representing love) and wearing a crown (representing loyalty). The history of the claddagh symbol dates back to over 500 years ago.

Ambiagram Friendship Tattoos:

An ambiagram consists of two words that are combined to make one word that can be read right side up or upside down. As friendship tattoos, they read the names of the two friends with one name appearing on each side. Ambiagram tattoos can also be made using initials and weaved together in an artistic pattern or design.

Group Friendship Tattoos:

Popular designs for group friendship tattoos consisting of three or more friends include flowers, hearts and stars. These designs can be made up of different colors and sizes, and may be placed on different areas of each person’s body. This makes for an easier group decision when deciding upon a single design for multiple people.

Friendship Tattoo Placement

Friendship tattoos are usually placed on same body parts to show symmetry. Foot, arms, shoulders, wrists, etc., are some of the popular placements for such tattoos. For example, you can get a nautical star tattoo on left foot, while your friend can get the same on his/her right foot.

These were some suggestions on friendship tattoos. So, if you are crazy for your friend and want to symbolize your deep friendship in an unique manner, then you and your friend should think of getting friendship tattoos.

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