Beach Girls Skye Stracke & Lindsay Ellingson by Benjamin Alexander Huseby

{YBA} The Beach, Do the hippie shake in this summer’s boho chick dresses, hats, sunglasses and bikinis. (H&M Magazine Summer 2010)

Skye Stracke and Lindsay Elllingson are two gorgeous beach fairing beauties in the summer edition of H&M Magazine. In front of the lens of Benjamin Alexander Huseby, the blonde duo wears bold prints, vibrant colors and sun hats styled by Jane How.

Pool Style

Models: Catherine McNeil & Noah Mills
Photographer: Alexi Lubomirksi
Fashion: Jane How

Street Life

Models: Katie Forgaty & Bruna Tenorio
Photograpger: Dan Martensen
Fashion: Robert Rydberg

The Beach

Models: Lindsey Ellingson & Skye Stracke
Photographer: Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Fashion: Jane How

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