Marloes Horst for Vogue Russia June 2010 – Jewellery Supplement

{YBA} Smart Sensuality women know that expensive baubles can become a chain around their throats. There’s a cost attached to being bathed in diamonds.

Beauty, glamour and more glamour are the key ingredients for Miles Aldridge’s most recent work in Vogue Russia June 2010. Styled by Simon Robins and starring Marloes Horst  as a jewelry wearing diva, the beauty story doesn’t shy away from opulence and even carries an undertone of mystery with its seedy setting.

If your idea of a quiet night in involves being chained up and fenced in while wearing nothing but your best diamond-studded jewels, then you and Marloes Horst should get along swimmingly. Mildly bondage  inspired and full of sensual glamour, this shoot of Marloes was lensed by Miles Aldridge. She is looking hot and gorgeous at Vogue Russia June 2010 cover.

Magazine: Vogue Russia
Issue: June 2010
Editorial: Jewellery Supplement
Model: Marloes Horst
Photographer: Miles Aldridge

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