Karen Elson Nylon June-July 2010 | Kate Elson

{YBA} Latest shoot in Nylon‘s June-July 2010 issue, Karen Elson keeps it all the family with her twin sister, Kate Elson, filling the role of photographer and her business partner, Amy Patterson, filling the role of stylist.

Together, the trio creates a dreamy outdoor spread featuring Karen in her own unique style and action. American magazine Nylon covers editorials on art, pop culture, music, fashion, beauty, travel and technology.

Karen Elson for Nylon June July 2010 Issue


Magazine Issue:   Nylon June-July 2010
British Model:      Karen Elson
Outdoor Shoot:     Stylist Amy Patterson with Karen
Photography:        Kate Elson
Amazing Dress:    Basic Bra Paired with Skirt and Outfits

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