Amazing MA Collection by Anne Marie Skjoldager Jensen

{YBA} We always love looking into MA fashion students, one of our secret gems for discovering a lot of trends and interesting details. This time its Danish Anne Marie Skjoldager Jensen, 28 from The Danish Design School [degree in textile design 2007 + fashion design 2009 ] & the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs [Paris].

In 2008 Anne Marie interned at Bernhard Wilhelm’s Atelier as well as at John Galliano’s Studio in Paris, where she worked on haute couture jewelry.  The “One eye laughing, the other crying” collection presented here was her MA and first collection at the same time.

Anne Marie Skjoldager Jensen Inspiration

Based on my personal interpretation of Franz Kafka’s text “On the Gallery” from 1919, I have worked on a line of clothing that reflects the mood in the text. It is a line that includes elements from the circus world that Kafka describes. The line also expresses the contradictions and absurdity of the circus life.

My focus in this project has been to work with print, colour and shape. I combined these elements and made them work together as a unity. Each outfit has its unique print, which relates to the shape. Colours and expressions form a whole and bind the singular pieces together to an interrelated line.

The poem inspired me because of its various intense scenes and moments. I used print and shapes to express figurative elements and moments of the poem.

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