Signe Vilstrup Stunning Photography Of Bregje Heinen in L’idole

{YBA} Editorial post is about brilliant photography of Bregje Heinen by professional photographer Signe Vilstrup. He clearly depicts the latest issue of Tush Spring 2010  as he captures Bregje Heinen looking absolutely stunning in L’idole Eternelle.

Bregje Heinen is looking like a real statue due to her dazzling paint. She has gained this statue like appearance by awesome makeup painting, frosty hairs, white almost invisible eyebrows and her elegant photoshoot. Signe Vilstrup, you are great.

Signe Vilstrup’s photography is softly lit, hazy and beautiful, and the colour palette of ethereal white fits the pictorial’s theme – L’idole Eternelle (The Eternal Idol) – perfectly. He takes the meaning of the word statuesque to a whole other level for the latest issue of Tush.

Styled by Wiebke Bredehorst, the model dons ensembles from Versace, D&G, Dior and others as she poses alongside her sculpted companions. I must say,

Bleached white and wonderful
Oh, to feel your breath again
I gaze at your senseless form
And feel the heat of stoic skin

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