A Matter of Taste by Fulvio Bonavia | Gastro Fashion Creations

{YBA} I am fond of food and always visited different places to taste good food. I am happy after this Gastro Fashion Creations by Fulvio Bonavia so i can wear my taste as well.

How amazing is the latest book of Fulvio Bonavia, “A Matter of Taste” is full of surprising creations made with natural and edible elements. The work in the book lives in a world between gastronomy and haute couture. Love it !

These Fulvio Bonavia accessories  made of edibles and natural objects, is about to send us over the top. Handbags made of cheeses and berries, a ring made of sliced prosciutto, boots made of cooked rice, and a silver belt made of strung anchovies.

We hope you will enjoy this beautiful creation, but don’t try to eat them 😉

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