Practical Ways to Make Money Online From Google Adsense

One of the popular online money making strategies is to use Google’s AdSense and or to use Google’s AdWord programs. Each of these programs has the potential to improve your cash flow, however, you need to know how these programs work before you can make a realistic estimate about the kind of money you will be able to earn, and before you can determine which program(s) is/are best for you. This article will go over the basics of both Google marketing programs including what you need to do to join, how the pay structure is designed, and what you need to do to be successful in each program.

It seems as though making money with Google AdSense is the first line of attack for many who wish to make money online. And you can make money with Google adsense. I know people here on hubpages who make money with google adsense.

Google AdSense

AdSense is a marketing affiliate program where you place specially selected Google-generated advertisements on your web page that reflects the information and content of your web page. In return for hosting these ads you are paid based on the number of ad images, click throughs, or purchases made because of your web page.

How Much Money Can You Make With Google AdSense?

The sky is the limit, frankly. But one thing about Google AdSense is that you are not likely to earn a lot of money right from the beginning.

Seriously ask yourself this question:

Would you like to be paid $4k a month? Or being paid $0 in the first month but getting a pay rise of $100 every month thereafter? If your answer is the former, Google Adsense may not be for you. But if your answer is the latter, that’s the kind of money Google Adsense can give you – at the minimum!

Making Money With Google Adsense – Practical Ways

Content is Always The King!

It is important to provide valuable contents to your readers – to be honest, all of us like websites that provide interesting contents instead of lousy and uninteresting ones. If you cannot find a better one, get someone to write articles on your behalf.

Make sure that you don’t fall for internet marketers who sell Public Label Rights (PLR) articles because your website pages that contain those PLR articles normally would not well-ranked in search engine results page (SERP) as others would publish the same PLR articles to their websites. In short, your websites would not able to rank high in Google SERP if your website contains duplicate contents.

Drive Laser Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Make money with Google AdSense can be possibly done if you drive targeted traffic to your website. Basically, it costs you no money at all when it comes to drive such traffic to your website. In fact, a website survival is solely depends on the quality and quantity of the traffic. It is meaningless to have a website that has no visitors at all.

Select The Right Theme for Your Website

At this part, it’s not about finding an attractive – looking theme for your website. It’s about finding a theme that is customized for Google AdSense ads. If you’re a WordPress user, it’s easy to find such customized theme on the Internet. Just Google up this keyword “Ad-ready WordPress Themes” and you’ll find tons of WordPress themes that you can easily copy-and-paste your Google AdSense ads to your website.

Be Realistic

Forget about the fantasy story you read on internet about earning big money from Google. If you think of making a website and getting to be instant rich, it is likely to disappoint you. Imagine that if you build a small website with 100,000 page views per month with 0.5% CTR and 5c average payout, you will only get US$25 (100,000 x 0.5% x 0.5c). To achieve 100,000 page views a month, you possibly need 500-1000 users. By theory, your website can reach more than billions of internet users in the whole world, but there are also 100 millions of websites competing for users.


  • If you don’t have any content, Google will have to guess what your page is about. It may guess wrong, and so the ads that it displays may not be relevant.
  • Do not click your ads. If Google catches you, they will suspend your account and retain any earnings you might have. However, if you, by mistakes, click your ads for one or two times, Google will keep that earning but rather not to punish you as long as it doesn’t happen constantly.

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