How to Conceal Hair Loss: The Best Ways to Hide Baldness

If you are unhappy with your thinning hair, perhaps it is time to consider some techniques to hide your hair loss. Whether you are a man or a woman losing hair due to heredity, stress, medication or a medical condition you can use these tips to help you cope.

Regardless of your age or gender, losing your hair can be traumatic and embarrassing. If you’re one of the millions of people who are losing their hair faster than they would like, this guide on how to conceal hair loss will provide you with tips to make your thinning hair less evident.

How to Hide Hair Loss

How go through the following lines and know how to hide hair loss.

Blow Dry Your Hair:

If your hair is thinning on top, consider blow drying it when you get out of the shower to give it added texture and body to give your head more coverage. Brush it into a quiff on the top of your head by brushing it from the forehead up. Secure the style with just a little bit of hairspray. If your hair is simply thinning throughout, this is a good way to make your hair look fuller.

Get a Buzz Cut:

Though most of the people are unaware of this, getting the right haircut can help them hide hair loss to quite an extent. In this context, buzz cut is one of the most preferred hairstyles, which is used by sports stars and businessmen alike, to get away with hair loss.

Apart from being a popular and classy haircut, it is also very easy to maintain. In case you don’t want to visit a salon regularly, after getting the cut, just buy a wet-dry electric razor and groom your hair at home only.

Wearing a Fashionable Hats:

Hats are always in style, and if you have many hat options people will tend to think you are a hat aficionado instead of assuming you are losing your hair. Keep a few baseball caps and beanies around for relaxing. Buy a fedora or two for style and purchase a few casual hats for variations.

Grow Hair Back:

There are many products available that will help you re-grow hair. Be careful, many hair remedies are cheap and may ruin your scalp.

Wear a Toupee or a Wig:

If all else fails, you can get a toupee. It is often impossible to tell that a man is wearing a toupee but there is the risk that it will be obvious. Try to get one that looks like your natural hair. Wigs can easily fall off, too.

Weave Extensions into Your Hair:

Extensions are an easy way for women and men with long thick hair to hide the fact that they are losing some. Call a few hair salons and get some quotes on getting natural human hair added to your hair for more hair that will last for several weeks to several months.

Use a Shampoo or Conditioner:

Purchase a hair thickening shampoo or conditioner meant to help hide loss by making the hair appear to be thicker. Brush hair gently after shampooing and conditioning to prevent losing more hair, and allow hair to dry thoroughly before combing or brushing it.


  • You will probably have to shave your head several times per week, for people not to guess that you are in actuality going bald.
  • Many wigs and toupees easily fall off if you jostle around. Don’t. You don’t want people to see you with a wig or toupee on!

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