Method of Underarm Hair Removal at Home – Essay Tips and Tricks

Hair grows in many places on the human body. Thick formations of hair are found on the head, on the eyebrows, in the genital area and in the underarms. The arms and legs tend to develop a thinner layer of hair that is designed to protect the body from heat loss during cold conditions.

Underarm Hair: Whether or not you wear sleeveless dresses, removing underarm hair is quite important for a number of reasons.

If underarm hair is unattended , it allows for extra coverage and fast growth and multiplication for the bacteria producing underarm odor. Hence, it’s important for the health of basic hygiene to take out it routinely. For underarm hair removal shaving may be the fastest method for removing . Immediately after shaving underarm hair, dust the underarms with talcum powder.

Using depilatory creams is one more effective way of removing underarm hair. The drawback for really busy men and women is it is required to wait for eight toten minutes for the cream dissolves the underarm hair. Nevertheless, a depilatory cream provides somewhat smoother surface compared to shaving. Waxing underarm hair is also put to use in the underarm area when more durable level of smoothness is needed. The outcomes of waxing remain for about four to six weeks. However, waxing is painful in the underarm therefore must be carried out only by an experienced person.


Waxing removes the entire hair follicle from the root if done correctly, lasting up to six weeks. You may be wondering why you need to get this done professionally. First, you need two hands to wax, and one hand will be unavailable because you’ll have to extend your arm straight up to get to your underarm. Second, the underarm can be a bit tricky because the hair often grows in different directions, instead of all in the same way.


The most commonly used method is shaving. Here a razor is used to snip off unwanted hair from the surface of the armpit. This is a convenient way of underarm hair removal. Many people choose this method as it can be done at home and offers convenience. Various kinds of razors are available on the market for shaving. Despite being an effective method, it provides only short-term results.


Plucking is another form of technique. Here, tweezers are used to remove unwanted hair from the armpit. This method might be slightly risky as the underarm is a very sensitive area and the use of tweezers might leave it with itchy or burning skin. Further, this method is very time-consuming.

Hair Removal Creams

Another method that is commonly being followed for underarm hair removal is use of a hair removal cream. This may leave the skin with a clean and smooth finish. The process can be followed up with the application of a hair retardant that may slow down the process of hair re-growth.


The real sugaring uses a paste to remove the entire hair follicle from the root, lasting up to six weeks. Although, similar to waxing, people choose sugaring because it’s more gentle to those with sensitive skin and is the less painful option.


Some people use depilatories for underarm hair removing. These are chemicals that are designed to dissolve unwanted hair. Depilatories are available in the form of gel, cream, sprays or liquid. The depilatory is directly applied on the hair and after few minutes they are wiped off. This kind of hair removal technique is fast. However, this method often causes varying degrees of skin irritation.


An electric current is applied with a very fine needle-shaped electrode, or metal probe into each hair follicle for about one minute to destroy the root. Electrolysis is the only method approved for permanent hair removal by the FDA, although everyone doesn’t acheive 100% success.

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