Best Fashion Brochure Designs

A brochure is a printed booklet or pamphlet that contains promotional material for a product, company or service. Fashion brochures, catalogs and magazines are one of the primary ways that fashion companies and brands market themselves to potential clients and buyers. A well designed brochure can communicate effectively the product information and details. Below are some of best fashion brochure designs for your inspiration. Hope you will like these!

Fox Juniors Holiday 08 Look Book

JL Lane Catalog

Clair De Lune Brochure

Susana Monaco Catalog Early Spring

Kinetic Fashion Festival

Fox Holiday 08 Catalog

Manga Rosa Fashion Catalog

The Project Madness

Fashion Illustrator Stationery

Fashion Catalog for Claudia Manukian

The Black Market of Counterfeit Luxury

Rony Design Catalog

Family of Brochures

Susana Monaco Catalog

SELECT – Brochure

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  1. Me and my friend work at a high quality printing company in New York and this would be really cool to show with my employees. I look forward to seeing their response 😉

    So Long!
    Jenny Verinz