Creating Your Own Private Space in Your Home

Why set aside a prayer space in your home? So that you’ll be able to concentrate on your acts of worship and not on what’s around you. Make the area peaceful and attractive, and you will definitely feel the difference. No, you don’t need a mansion or a decorating budget to do this! All you need are a couple of hours and some imagination.

Choosing The Location

In order to choose the perfect location within your home, think about your favorite spot. It could be your potting shed out in the garden, or a quiet corner of the basement where you’ve stashed a stack of paperback novels and a comfortable reading chair.

It might also be an indoor patio where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, or your craft room where you go to unwind. Once you’ve figured out your favorite area, give some thought as to how you could accentuate the peace and quiet of this spot so that you can use it as your personal sanctuary space. You might find that it’s already perfect, especially if nobody uses this area except yourself.

However, in Some Cases You Might Decide it Needs a Few Enhancements:

  • A folding room screen to increase your privacy.
  • Set of earphones so that you can enjoy listening to music without background noise.

Follow your instincts when creating your space, since you know better than anyone else what would make you most happy and content.

Accessorizing Your Sanctuary Space

Most people find that keeping things simple is the best approach when accessorizing a personal sanctuary space. If you add too many frills, you’ll simply create visual distractions, which can detract from the relaxing atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Instead, Add Only The Essentials That Will Enhance Your Relaxation And Enjoyment:

  • Add a soft cozy blanket to your reading corner
  • A cushioned chaise lounge chair to the indoor patio

Think only in terms of your overall comfort, and what would bring you the most pleasure and relaxation. Most times, you’ll find that small or simple things are what you’ll enjoy the most. A few items that are relevant to your interests or intended use of your sanctuary space can also be a nice added touch:

  • If you enjoy listening to music, splurge on a CD player with multi-disc capabilities
  • Buy a new MP3 player so you can focus on relaxing instead of switching CDs
  • A few pieces of relevant art can also add a nice touch such as a beautiful, metal wall cross
  • If you enjoy gardening, fill your space with lovely potted plants and flowers

Use Your Power of Intuition

Whether your life is urban, suburban or rural, whether your home is a sprawling estate or a studio apartment, you can create a special place for simple reflection, traditional meditation, ritual and ceremony. “It all starts with a desire within me to make something beautiful,” says Rogers. “I want to make the sacred space in my house as comforting as I possibly can. I might have been inspired by a picture in a magazine, or something in a movie will trigger my thinking. I’ll go about finding another piece of furniture to do that or rearrange something and it just happens.” Remember that this space is yours. Honor your heart’s desires. Trust your intuition to show you where to put it, what to include, how to use it – and see where it takes you.

Remember, this space is all about focusing on yourself, so that you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the world for a little while. A few little added touches to personalize your sanctuary space will go a long way towards letting you enjoy it even more.

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