Tropical Decor Style: Luxury and Modern Ideas For Home Decoration

Tropical themes decorating style could become your choice if you would like to create fresh and relaxing atmosphere on your home. You can use some natural elements such as Rattan, Bamboo, Wicker or even add a little oriental touch. The bottom line for the tropically-styled living room is whatever final look pleases you is what is right for you.

Tropical home decor is one of the trendiest vogues today. It comprises of warmth, comfort, and an exotic touch, using natural texture, gorgeous colors, and jungle themes. The tropical home decoration style uses traditional themes interspersed with touches of fresh appeal. Tropical decor for your home does not mean creating a multi-hued jungle look that you might use in a kid’s room.

Today, people are experimenting with a number of decors in their own lifetime, out of which one is tropical decor. A modern, contemporary decor, it comprises of elements that reminds one of nature, particularly the natural elements that you can found in the tropical regions of the world. Do you also want to adorn your house with the tropical theme? Yes? Then, go through the following lines and find a lot of tips on tropical decorating theme.

Tropical Decor Basics:

The color palette found in tropical design is drawn mostly from natural elements such as the sea, sky, and vegetation. Hues may be deep and rich or may fall on the lighter, brighter side. The sea and sky provide a range of blue tones, while the sun-drenched sand offers various golden tones. Other colors come from tropical foliage which is lushly green with brilliant flowers in a rainbow of colors.

Popular colors in tropical decor include:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange

Ideas for Tropical Home Decor Furniture:

One of the basic elements in a room decorated with a tropical decor theme is upholstered, comfortable furniture. Horizontally oriented long lines emphasize a casual ambiance, adding to a restful environment. While a grand scale is achieved by using taller elements like screens, artwork, or plants. While furniture made of lighter wood are great to great that tropical look, but when they are combined with lamps and dark tables.

Accent pieces in rattan, wrought iron, bamboo, and wicker are also a must. In fact, rattan furniture and dark wood are a great combo for a tropical style of furnishing. Rattan furniture really creates a natural look because it is made from a tropical tree, which grows in jungles of South India and Sri Lanka. They can be used as decoration pieces beside writing desks, or tropical style computer cabinets. It is durable and flexible, with wrapped knobby joints.

Wicker furniture pieces are also an integral part of tropical decor. Wicker furniture is created by weaving together strands of vine or grass. Bamboo, which is a thick kind of grass that grows in tropical forests, is also used to make furniture. All these natural materials are woven or fashioned into sofas, chairs, tables, divans or backless couches, cabinets, and various other accent pieces. Not only are they beautiful, but are also lightweight, durable, easy to maintain, and are also eco-friendly.

Rattan, wicker and bamboo furniture and accent pieces can be combined with furniture made from tropical wood like teak, mahogany and ebony. Exotic hardwoods like koa and rosewood also make very beautiful tropical furniture. Furniture made from this kind of wood are given extra tropical tones by having motifs like palm leaves, tropical flowers, trees, and pineapples carved on them.

The fabrics of the upholstery should be neutral colored chenilles or any other natural fabric like khadi, a coarse homespun cotton made in India, or even raw silk, especially for the major pieces of furniture. While chairs and ottomans can have upholstery with leafy designs and jungle prints.


You will have to redo the ceiling as well, to adopt the tropical theme in its totality. You can install ceiling sheets made of woven coconut fronds. Yet another idea would be to use bamboo instead. For the purpose, you will have to cut bamboo, secure lengths together by twisting wire and wrap near top, at the middle and near the bottom of each stalk of bamboo. Use screws to attach the bamboo to the wall. If it’s possible for you, you can also try installing a ceiling fan in the tropical style.

Tropical Garden Furniture:

If you have the tropics inside, then why not take it outside too. You will find plenty of tropical garden furniture made of mo-lave wood, bamboo, wicker, rattan, and wrought iron, and even hardwoods that are stylish as well as able to withstand the elements. Look for bamboo benches, bars, lounge chairs and patio sets.

Tropical Decor Accessories:

There are a number of accessories that you can make use of, while decorating your room in the tropical style. Some of them are:

  1. A tropical decor seems incomplete without the use of tiki masks. You will easily find the masks, in a wide variety, at specialty shops as well as online. Make sure to hang them against a plain background only.
  2. If you can dig out vintage or reproduction barkcloth fabric, in colorful or muted tropical prints, use it to sew a few throw pillows for your room. They would surely add to the overall tropical look.
  3. In context of tropical decor accessories, how can we not mention art! For instance, you can display vintage sheet music in a frame that has been decorated in a faux leather kraft paper treatment.
  4. You can also make use of accessories like coral, starfish and seashell display, which represent the beach and ocean, as shelf displays. Then, there is the option of making them into items like candle holders, picture frames and mirror frames.
  5. Baskets, mats and screens made out of sea grass, rattan and banana leaf can add to the tropical look of your room. You can also make use of palm leaf and palm tree designs, along with animal prints such as leopard, tiger, giraffe and zebra.
  6. One of the best tropical accessories comprises of lamps shades, in rattan, wicker or split bamboo. In case you do not mange to lay your hands on them, cover the shade of an existing lamp with a scarf in a tropical print.

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