The Most Beautiful Mixed Media Art Collection

In visual arts, mixed media refers to a creation in the making of which was employed more than one media. An example of mixed media can be a work on canvas which combines paint, collage and ink. Check out this collection of really creative mixed media artworks.

‘Sparrow’ by Valerie Chua

‘Song of a Bird’ by Valerie Chua

‘The Thing’ by Thomas Schostok

Hail to the King, Baby

‘The Prosecutor’ by Messa

‘Molly Mixed Media’ by Derek Jones

‘Hide’ by Shawnie-b

My Secret Garden by Lovely Cristina

‘Mask’ by Captain-Amazing

‘Missbehave Magazine Baby Girl’ by Nikki Farquharson

‘Mother Mixed Media’ by Phoenix 2517

‘Fallen Print’ by TAR3N

My King by Art By Kostas Tsipos

Beetle and the Lady’s Slipper by Opiumtraum

Apnea Art by TAR3N

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