10 Best iPhone Entertainment Apps For Boys

iPhone entertainment apps are meant to be fun time-fillers and some even help you organize your recreation options. Most are lightweight amusements that don’t keep score or make you compete against the world. Your iPhone is the ultimate entertainment gadget. That is especially true since the iTunes store carries the hippest and most exciting entertainment applications as follows:

Pocket Guitar

Playing guitar doesn’t get any better than playing on a touch screen! Yes, the Pocket Guitar lets you enjoy the rhythm without having to stress out your fingers reaching for the strings. This is one of the best applications any music lover should have handy.


If you like changing voices, you must have this playful and entertaining app that lets you do that and be able to freak people out. An animated guinea pig, kitten, and puppy would double up for your voice in a squeaky manner for loads of fun and laughter.

iSpy Cameras

There is a reason this particular entertainment app is a topseller in the United Kingdom and beyond. That is because iSpy Cameras let iPhone users view and control public videos from around the world. Isn’t that an interesting feat? Yes it is!

Live Poker

Poker is a known favorite among the card games available. It is not at all surprising, therefore, that its iPhone app counterpart is a top choice as well. Live Poker lets you enjoy the card game with virtual opponents for fake cash.


Certified couch potatoes would surely love this wonderful app that lets you view and record your favorite TV shows not with your Tivo or any other bulky apparatus but just your iPhone! Imagine, you can enjoy your favorite shows from your favorite channels while you are on-the-move? If that does not seem amazing, we do not know what is!


Do you love going to the movies? If you do, most probably, you are also one of those who get irritated with the fact that you will have to miss a few moments (some might be pretty crucial to the plot) because you need to go to the restroom. With RunPee, you need not to suffer. Why, it gives you the all-important cues on when it is good to get up for a break.

Stitcher Radio

If you love taking the commuter’s path or you just don’t have the choice having to, you will love the fact that the Stitcher Radio is available. This wonderful iPhone entertainment application lets you string together your favorite stations so you do not miss out on any of your favorite audios.

Local Concerts

Do you dig the sound of local bands playing in your area? Then you must never miss the Local Concerts app that gives you clues on who’s playing where. This is the ultimate gig guide for fans of the bandwagon!

Amazing Illusions

Enjoy mind-boggling entertainment with fun optical puzzle games provided for by the Amazing Illusions. This is one of the best ways to spend your free time with an iPhone at hand!

Spongebob Tickler

Spongebob Squarepants is definitely the cartoon character of the now generation. He is a great guy that does not have to exert any effort to spell F-U-N. If you like having him around, whenever, wherever, getting the Spongebob Tickler is a good decision!

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