Distinctive Pandora Jewelry Spring Collection

{YBA} Girls are always incomplete without jewelry, and they become gorgeous, charming and dazzling by wearing unique and distinctive designer jewelry like Pandora.

This interesting post is about Pandora spring collection 2009-2010 having different designs,

  1. White and black enamel with a touch of gold gives an updated twist to your look this season.
  2. The 60’s inspired light purple enamel beads instantly create a beautiful bracelet. Match with earrings and rings.
  3. Delicate and robust elements create a unique contrast in this new set. Made in sterling silver and 14k gold they come adorned with exquisite diamonds.
  4. Spoil yourself with this beautiful new set made of beaded 14k gold wire and diamonds. Put the matching bead on our leather string with gold ends to create a more laid-back and rugged look.
  5. A selection of our new beads in shades of green combined with black, silver and gold.
  6. New orange glass beads on a leather string for a casual, yet stylish look.
  7. Are you a fan of handbags?  Update your collection with these four new irresistible charms.
  8. Cute silver beads inspired by the animal kingdom with a dash of gold and red.

Visit Pandora official web site.

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