The Best Natural Hair Removal Tips For Women

Every girl loves to wear beautiful short skirts, evening gowns etc, but if you have a lot of hair on your body, this might not be so possible. And let’s face it, the world currently loves the ‘no body hair’ look. So what’s a girl to do, what is the solution to your problem? Removal of hairs, seem to be a painful problem.

Not only the pain, but waxing and using of the razors make your skin hair hard to touch. Women have been looking for effective, pain free ways to remove hair for decades. Sensitive areas of the body cannot bear the pain of waxing or blade. Well imagine having smooth, hairless skin all over your body without having to shave or wax ever again, sounds to good to be true?

For centuries we have been using all kinds of methods to remove unwanted hair. Some of these techniques are still being used today such as waxing and sugaring. Check out some of the safest and most natural ways we can use to remove unwanted hair.

Various Process of Hair Removal

There are a number of methods of removing your hair. People use the common shaving process or the painful wax or threading process. Sugaring is also considered to be an effective process. Bleaching, on the other hand, is done more often which removes the pain factor. Nettle tea is also suggested to facilitate an automatic self hair removal process.

The body without human intervention removes the hairs. But the main problem is the body cannot distinguish between hairs on the head and the unwanted section hairs. Another natural way of hair removal is by applying honey on the regions where you have unwanted hair. But this process is extremely irritating and is a real pain when it comes to the process of its removal.


It is one of the easiest and convenient ways to deal with your hair. It may be painful in the beginning but this method goes a long way. The hair growth after waxing is comparatively slower in comparison to shaving. It also keeps your waxed legs and hands smooth and supple. You can make this wax in the luxury of your very home.

Homemade wax: Use two cups of sugar, one fourth cup of water and one fourth cup of lemon juice. Heat a pan and pour all the mentioned ingredients in it. Heat this over a low flame and keep stirring till it’s melted. You will get a thick brown liquid which can be used once slightly cool.

Before you start waxing check it on you finger for consistency as well as the temperature. Before applying this mixture with a butter knife, cool it by blowing air over it. Use a clean cloth or any waxing strip; pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Once done, apply ice as well as astringent over the area to tighten the pores.


Technique for application and removal of this natural hair remover is similar to waxing. Not as painful to remove. There are no waxes in these products to grab the skin. The sugars stick to the hair not the skin making them gentler and less irritating. But you’re still pulling hair out so it’s still going to hurt. Some say sugars are not as effective as waxing leaving some stubborn hair behind.

Natural ingredient products are easily found. You are more likely to find very safe ingredients in this method of natural hair removal. Cloths used in sugaring are washable and reusable making them more cost effective. Effects last about the same amount of time as waxing. Needs a post moisturizing treatment for best effect. Also can be done at home or in a salon.


Threading is a common hair removal method that can be used on any part of the body. The usual parts of the body where threading is used are upper lips, chin and eyebrows. But even other parts of the body where there is a patch of hair, threading is useful. Threading requires a lot of attention and detail and is great for people with sensitive skin. Pumice stones can also be used for removing hair from the body except facial hair.


Tweezing is another method for removing facial hair by using tweezers. It is a painstaking as well as time consuming job. Usually used for bushy eyebrows. Tweezing eventually stops your hair growth by the continuous pricking even though it may take lot of time.


You can naturally bleach your hair with lemon juice and chamomile tea. One should not use lemon juice undiluted so you can mix honey with lemon juice. You can also use pumice stone to remove excess hair on every place other than your face.

Hair removal techniques for women are out there. You can visit a salon to have your hair removed. Or, you can do it at home. In either case, you can have hair removed from virtually any area of your body that you would like to. When the goal is to have soft, smooth skin, you’ll want to head out to get these types of products to help you.

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