Useful Make Up Tricks For Black Women

Gone are the days when Afro-American women had to make do with cosmetics that were actually meant for white women. Nowadays, many manufacturing companies are coming up with products and makeup tools that are meant specially for the black woman. Moreover, with time even the meaning of makeup for black women has transformed from what it was earlier.

Makeup is no longer seen as a way of hiding their color but it is used as a tool to accentuate the way they look. Hence, one of the first important makeup tips for black women is to learn how to choose makeup products and colors that suit their faces and the only way of doing this is by the trial and error method. Most women have to try out different types of beauty products to find the perfect one for them and this rule applies for the Afro-American women too.

Skin Prep

Use a light moisturizer once a day to maintain your skin’s health. Before starting your makeup, clean off any dirt or oil with an astringent. The cleaner your skin is, the less chance there will be of breakouts. If your skin is oily, consider using an anti-shine product.


The skin tone of Afro-American women can range anywhere between very light to very dark. Apart from this, they may have several undertones, like, cool, warm or neutral that help in enhancing the different facial features. You have to keep these factors in mind while buying a foundation. Usually, the perfect foundation is one which blends perfectly with the skin tone. You should go to a departmental store where you will be helped by the salesperson to try different types of foundations. The best foundation for you will be the one that makes the skin color look even. You can also select among the different forms of foundations, namely, liquid, cream, stick, etc.

Before applying the foundation, it is important to clean your face and moisturize it. You can ether use cosmetic sponges to apply the foundation or do it with your fingers, whichever way you feel comfortable. Take some foundation on a cotton swab and apply a drop each on the forehead, cheeks, chin, near the eyes, nose and blend in a downward motion. The foundation should not be just restricted to the face but should spread evenly on the neck. Make sure that the foundation does not miss any area of the face and also nobody should be able to find any difference between the foundation and your actual skin tone. Read more on how to choose the perfect foundation.


If you are gifted with a flawless skin sans pimples, blemishes, scars, etc. then you can surely skip this step. One common mistake that most women make is to buy a concealer that is similar to their skin tone. Rather, a concealer that is of a lighter tone helps in effectively concealing the dark spots. Apply the concealer on the problem areas and spread it with your fingers or a brush. However, remember that the concealer should not be overused, i.e. not more than two times. After applying the concealer, do not forget to gently dust your face with loose powder to make it look smooth.


Powdered eyeshadows can add a real pop to your makeup. Dark purples and blues work well on darker skin tones if you want a more subtle look, while warm browns, smokey grays and soft maroons work well on lighter skin tones. For more pop you can play with metallic tones such as gold, bronze and copper. Experiment with different color combinations. If you use eyeliner and mascara, be careful to keep them light and natural or your makeup will look overdone. Experiment with exotic colors such as blue, purple and green


The purpose of blush is to bring youth and color to your face. Use coral, rose and deep orange colors, depending on the darkness of your skin. Girls with darker skin tones should avoid peach, pink and brown tones as these will not work well with your skin tone.


Typically teens look best with simple lip gloss. Play with different colors and shimmers to see what looks best on your face. Your lip color will depend on the rest of your makeup. If you chose to use lipstick, select one that is matte rather than shiny or frosty. Use medium and dark shades, and avoid bright reds and pinks (these tend not to look age-appropriate).

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