Top 10 Ideas For Creating Gorgeous Walls: Interior Design Art

This should give you some good ideas and advice about brightening up your walls with unique wall decor. We all live with many walls in our homes and it is nice to fill some of the space with art work, wall quotes, photography or images that make us smile. Wall decor can show your personal style and taste and is something people notice when they enter your home.

At one point or another, everyone faces the dreaded blank walls of a new home, apartment or condo. Once all the furniture is moved in, the walls are still staring at you in their empty, stark way.

Here you’ll find a nice variety of ideas and hopefully something that you’ll want to implement in your own place.

1. Removable Wall Decals

While you’re free to do what you want in your own home, that’s not usually the case in a rental. Removable wall art will add visual interest to your space without sucking away your damage deposit. And when you move, simply remove them and taken them with you. No harm, no foul.

2. Decorative Plates

If you love to collect plates, the walls are a natural place to display them and can really create a lovely setting for you and your guests to enjoy. The new laser levels will help you align them quickly and easily. Just remember to get the appropriate wall hangers to protect your investment.

3. Photo Groupings

A standard trick is to hang photos on the wall. This is especially easy with the new ink jet printers that can turn out photos quickly and easily. Again, use a laser level to arrange them in nice groupings.

4. Paintings

Paintings are a terrific addition to your walls as well. Just be sure they match your tastes or the color scheme so they don’t create a visual conflict in the room.

5. Shelving

There are many shelving solutions that allow you to display your collections or knick-knacks. Many are standalone so you don’t even have to worry about anchoring them to the wall.

6. Faux painting

If you can paint, texturing the walls or faux painting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to dress up the walls, particularly if you haven’t settled on art for your new home. Most home decor homes have tutorials on faux painting as well as all the tools you needs.

7. Collectibles

If you collect old posters, antiques, knick-knacks or anything of interest, show off your hobby by displaying these on your walls. If you’re a musician, consider hanging your instruments on a wall so they become art when they’re not being played.

8. Tapestries

A lovely addition to your home, tapestries are finely woven renditions of traditional artwork. Available in hundreds of styles, they quickly dress up a wall with color and texture.

9. Wallpaper Murals

If your home begs for a better view, consider a wallpaper mural. These are easy to apply and you can get ones that are doors, windows, balconies or lovely landscapes.

10. Candles

Candles are always popular. You can get lovely lanterns to hang on the wall, or wall art that holds a number of candles, turning an ordinary wall into a an extraordinary romantic setting. It also comes in real handy if the power goes out.

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