Breakup is Like a Broken Mirror – Friendship Break Up Poems

Going through a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of the most painful things that a teenager can experience. We have some new and latest break up poems. You must read  this. you can send these poems to your friends and family members.

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Source: Teen Poems from Family Friend Poems

1. Just Let Go

We had a lot of fun
When we were together
I’ll never forget
I’ll always remember

The laughs that we shared
The dreams that we had
But those dreams changed
And they left me sad

I know you’ve moved on
And found someone new
But I have to admit
I still wish for you

This isn’t healthy for me
I really need to stop
When I think about our past
My heart wants to pop

So as I say my last goodbye
I want you to know
That I’m trying my best
To learn to just let go

2. Things Change

Time passed
Things changed
You moved on
I went my own way
I fell for you
You changed your mind
You let go
I held on tight
I told you I cared
You said you did too
You promised you wouldn’t hurt me
Babe I believed that was true
Our past came back to get me
Switching me for you
You let me down
You broke my heart
I started to wonder
Was this your plan from the start?
I miss you now
And will forever
I wish you were here
More than ever
You changed me
And made me better
So for that
I will love you forever!

3. Resentment

You told me you loved me and that you cared.
You promised sweet kisses and to always be here.
You were once so good and kind, gentle and so very sweet.
When just thinking of you my knees grew weak.
When you’re hands were in mine, chills ran up my spine.
Now my world is upside down
All the silence is now sound.
Fantasies are nightmares, dreams are like hell
You don’t hold my hand and I wonder who is it I am sharing my man with.
Your lies are effecting me, stressing me, making a mess of me.
I can’t even vibe with you, especially
knowing you had her in your arms.
The same ones that used to protect my worries and stop my fears.
The hands that wiped away my tears.
The lips that once gave sweet kisses and spoke soothing reassuring words
The once welcoming sincere smell of you shirt now makes me sick to my stomach.
Sick to the pit.
I know I must face the truth.
I hate this s**t. I want to hate you but all that will do is cause pain to me.
Only God knows how this is effecting you.
And silly me still in love.
Me. You. We. Her. You. Me. Pain. Sorrow. Resentment. You

4. The Break-Up To Remember

Remember when the teacher caught us passing notes in the middle of class?
when she looked at me & you,
& we looked at each other lost,
& didn’t know what to do,
Remember when it was raining that day,
you wrapped your hoodie around my arm,
& you said ” here Baby this will keep you warm”,
Remember when you used to call me every night,
to tell me goodnight & to see if I was alright,
& you asked me if I was thinking about you,
& I said ” yeah, are you thinking about me too?”,
& you would laugh and say ” I got to go”,
& I would say ” ok Baby, see you tomorrow”,
until tomorrow came,
things wouldn’t be the same,
you said that we should go our separate ways,
& I would say ” what about all those things you told me everyday!?”,
you ignored me & walked away,
but this is a break-up that I’ll always remember to this very day .

5. A Teenage Heartbreak

She looked in his eyes with the greatest affection
and for once she thought her life was perfection

he never knew how much she cared
since her feelings were left unshared

dreams, thoughts, and sometimes cries
he never got how had she tried

tried to be good enough
but life is tough

the depression of this teenage girl
she looked in his eyes, her head in a swirl

she knew she wouldn’t see those eyes anymore
he said his last words and walked out the door

she watched his car drive around the bend
see? all good things must come to an end.

Source: Teen Poems from Family Friend Poems

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