True Friend is Hard to Find – Short Poems

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Source: Teen Poems from Family Friend Poems

1. True Rosie

Trying to see your face through the mist
Your lovely curly locks unclear
Just a blur in scene but I fight for a view
Of your wonderful, beautiful face

Your one true girl, although a little crazy
But I love you for it as without you I’d die
You make me smile, when no one else can
And so this poem is for you, Rosie Croydon

2. Real Friends

There’s this little thing called friendship
I experience it every day
And I will always be thankful that I have friends
Because they have helped me along the way

A friend is a flashlight in the dark
A rainbow after the storm
The sunshine after a cold, damp day
The glue when you are torn

I have friends I love like sisters
(I know they love me too)
They’ll be there through the thick and thin
For I know their friendship is true

Source: Teen Poems from Family Friend Poems

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