Falling in Love is Wonderful – Short Best Poems

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Source: Teen Poems from Family Friend Poems

1. I Fell So Deep

although I speak about you so much,
although everyone can see it.
I would never admit it,
admit how I feel.
when I first met you,
I just thought it was a silly crush.
over time it grew on me; you grew on me,
I found myself smiling, then I found myself thinking of you.
I tried not to cry, but tears still broke through.
I always asked myself could it be true? or is this just a one off thing.
you made me smile, you made me feel special.
I know you don’t feel the same, but I want you too.
I’ve never admitted this to no one, not even you.
I think I’ve fallen in love with you.

2. Hidden Feelings

Hiding the feelings that grow ever so stronger
the time that we are apart feels even longer
the clock ticks and the cold breeze flows
as for me I know where my heart glows
covering the smile you cause me to make
it is this nervousness that I must break
these hidden feelings I must hide no more
as I walk up the path that leads to your door
ringing the bell hearing the chime
I’m not going to let you go this time
building the courage admitting how I feel
is this a dream or is this actually real
my heart is pounding beating out of my chest
because you my love is life’s big test

3. Fallen In Love

I’ve fallen in love
with the man of my dreams.
He left all his clues
and all his little schemes.

When he held me close
I want to die.
With the man of my dreams
holding me by.

He’s been there for me
through thick and thin.
He held me close
when I was drowning in pain.

He’s my angel
sent from the sky.
To lay a hand
and loving me by.

4. I Watch Him From Afar

I watch him from afar
At lunch we walk, separated by a bar
You don’t know how much my eyes follow you
I know you can’t tell but what I say is true

I want to tell you everything
But in the end I tell you nothing
I always try to talk to you
Even if it’s something simple like the sky is blue

My eyes follow you everywhere
I just look for the flow of your hair
I look for that way walk
and the way you move when you talk

I try to walk by
and possibly get to say hi
It’s almost like a game of tag
But you always seem to lag

I wonder if you watch me too
I’ve seen you look when I do
But neither of us look away
Till we’re called a different way

But I always go back
It’s how I separate myself from the pack

5. You Said It

You said it
You finally said it
You don’t know it yet
But now my heart is set

Those words you said to me
That had a strange affect on me you see
You said you pictured us together
And this tickled me like you had a feather

Does this means you think of me and you
like I think of you?
I think I will go ahead and think that for now

Did you see my smile?
I still smile even though I haven’t seen you in a while
But you said it a certain way
That’s why I can’t stop thinking about everything you say

Oh boy, please don’t catch me now
I’m not ready to know how
For now I wish to question and wonder
And be shaken by the thunder

Source: Teen Poems from Family Friend Poems

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