Pregnancy Symptoms In A 1 Week

Many women who become pregnant for the first time start to count down their pregnancy from the time the pregnancy is confirmed. But once you start reading all of baby books and reading all of the websites, you will know that the very first week of pregnancy starts the moment the egg is fertilized. Many women believe that pregnancy is 40 weeks but it is actually 42.

That is why when you do confirm the pregnancy that the doctor gives you a two-week window. It is hard to pinpoint with accuracy the moment the time you miss your next period. The pregnancy really officially starts the second week when fertilization occurs.

Even though it counts as being pregnant, you really won’t be to feel any changes. You can do your daily routines, exercise and do everything you what you would normally do. If you suspect that you are pregnant and have been trying, it would be a good idea to stop smoking (if you are a smoker) and stop drinking alcohol. Some women have pregnancy symptoms right away and some women it actually takes a confirmation before they experience any symptoms.

Baby’s Development

What makes 42 weeks of pregnancy so long is that in these days we are able to find out almost immediately if we are pregnant. There are women who know that they are pregnant within 2 weeks and that makes it so much longer. As for the baby’s development in the first week of pregnancy, there is really isn’t any. As we mentioned before you are not considered pregnant until the second week, which is when conception occurs.

If you take a look at the science of pregnancy, when fertilization takes place and the egg and sperm come together in the Fallopian Tube, the result is called a zygote. Then once the fertilization happens the cells start dividing and the very first week the baby is medically and scientifically called a blastocyte. The blastocyle will start to take the form of the placenta and the embryo develops inside the placenta. When the zygote stage takes place there should be 36 chromosomes, which will offer information such as sex, hair color, skin color, eye color and even personality traits as the baby develops.

Changes In Your Body

As for any physical changes in your body in the first week of pregnancy, you won’t notice any. But there are some changes happening that you won’t be able to take notice of. When you read these websites and the baby books, you are so excited that you are pregnant and the books say the first week you are not considered to be pregnant it can be discouraging. But don’t despair; you are pregnant just not officially. There are some very common symptoms of pregnancy that can affect women within the first weeks, even starting from the first unofficial week.

Take notice of any of these symptoms, excessive gas, a sense of uneasiness or nervousness, constipation and nausea. As pregnancy progresses you will start to feel exhausted all the time. You may experience mood swings or feelings of depression. It is normal to feel these things. It is very important that when you are confirmed to be pregnant that you makes a list of questions for your doctor. It can be a scary time as well as a joyous time; don’t ever dismiss a feeling that you have. Any concern that you have is an important one.

Pregnancy is a privilege and you should enjoy every last minute of it. Relax and don’t stress out about anything. Express your feelings to your significant other, even though they cannot help you carry the baby, they can help you in ways you may not have thought of. In the first week of pregnancy you are so excited that you start planning everything from baby names to picking out cribs. It is a fun time and planning is one of the best parts.

What To Expect

The first week of pregnancy, there really is nothing to expect as far as what you can see and feel. You will want to start off the pregnancy the right way, start eating the right foods and that doesn’t mean that you have to go completely healthy. Increase fruits and vegetables and drink more orange juice for Folic Acid. Take prenatal vitamins and try cutting down on caffeine. Stop smoking and cut out alcohol. If you want to start early but exercising to help the pregnancy go smoother.

Ask your doctor to help you plan out a diet and exercise plan. You don’t have to go crazy but the healthier you eat and stay in shape; you may experience fewer problems during pregnancy. Don’t go crazy, just a simple exercise plan would do just fine.


Even though the first week of pregnancy can be pretty uneventful at least as far as you are concerned. But here are some tips and advice that you can try. Don’t panic about becoming a Mom, you have 42 weeks to worry. Talk to your doctor and discuss every concern that you have. They will not think you are nuts by asking questions about what to expect down the line. Most new moms’ are excited and they want to start shopping and planning baby showers right away.

Slow down, 42 weeks is a long time and in some experiences when new moms get caught up in the excitement it can make 42 weeks seem like 42 months. Choose one baby book, they all pretty much say the same thing anyway. Take each week one week at a time. Before you know it you will be at 40 weeks. Most women believe in not telling people for 3 months until they pass the first trimester and other women can’t wait to tell. Talk to your significant other and you decide when you want to share the happy news. The last and most important piece of advice is don’t stress! Relax and enjoy the pregnancy.

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