Showcase of Polynesian Tattoo Designs for Girls

Polynesian tattoos are an ancient art that has been receiving a lot of attention in modern times. The real Polynesian tattoos need you to go through a lot of pain and it is a real lengthy procedure to get these Polynesian tattoo designs. The people of the Polynesian islands have evolved their own distinct culture over hundreds, even thousands of years.

Tattoo art was very important in the Polynesian culture. Because they had no written language, tattoos were used to depict social status, family history and spirituality. Today we have listed most awesome and most beautiful Polynesian tattoo design ideas for girls. These tattoo designs will not only look good but they will be your style statements.

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1. Amazing Maori Polynesian With Flower Tattoos 2015

2. Ladies Samoan Polynesian Tattoo on Shoulder 2015

3. Back Polynesian Flower Body Art for Girls 2015

4. Awesome Polynesian Tribal Tattoos for Girls

5. Flower Tribal with Samoan Design for Women

6. Girls Fish Polynesian Tattoo on Back for 2015

7. 2015 Traditional Polynesia Tribal Tattoo for Girls

8. Cool Polynesian Tribal Upper Back Tattoo

9. Shark Polynesian Tattoo Design Ideas

10. Attractive Polynesian Tattoo On Foot for Girls

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