Potato With Clam Soup: Best Recipe Ever

Would you like to try an easy to make but great in taste Potato Clam Soup recipe? The goodness of clam makes Potato Clam Soup a great treat. Your 5 minutes would be fair enough to make Potato Clam Soup. Pamper everyone with Potato Clam Soup as Main Dish.


  • 4 Leeks; chopped
  • 4 Carrots; sliced
  • 2 -(up to)
  • 4 Ribs celery; sliced
  • 1/4 c Butter
  • 2 cn (10.75-oz) chicken broth
  • 3 lg Potatoes; thinly sliced
  • Salt to taste
  • White pepper to taste
  • 16 oz Half and half
  • 1 Bay leaf (optional)
  • 1 cn (7-oz) minced clams;


In a large heavy saucepan, saute leeks, carrots and celery in butter. Add broth and potatoes, cook until tender. Add salt and white pepper to taste. Mash through a sieve. Pour back into saucepan and add Half and Half. Check seasonings. Add bay leaf and can of minced clams with juice. Heat and serve. Better made the day before. Yield: 4 servings.

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