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I miss you like a cloud with no sun in the sky
It has nothing to look up to and so it cries

Crying raindrops fall onto the ground
To just fade to nothing, nowhere to be found,

I feel sometimes like I’ve truly lost my way
Sometimes it’s hard to make it through the day

When I have the chance to sit and think
I stare ahead and never stop to blink

My heart is loudly crying out for you
My soul is crying out for love so true

I Don’t Have To Speak Loud Just To Say W8
I Wanna Tell U A Soft Whisper Of “I Miss U
Is Enuf Coz Its Not My Mouth That Really
Speaks Its My Heart.

I Miss You when u Are Not Near Me
I Long To Hear ur Steps, That’s By Far
The Sweetest Music My Ears Await Everyday

On a Silent night wen friends are few
I close my eyes and think of yoU
A Silent night
A Silent tear
A Silent wish that U were Here.

I miss you so much
i wish you were
still here with me
but when you went away.

I hide my tears wen I say your name
but the pain in my heart is still the same
Although I Smile & Seem Care free
There is no one Who misses you more than ME.

You brought me hope, when I had none
I thought you were my destiny, I thought you were the one
And I don’t understand why we couldn’t be
You seemed so perfect, you were everything to me.

I’m staring at your picture now
Clutched tight in my hand
Trying to work it out in my head
And trying to understand.

You abandoned me so quickly
And broken, I’m left here
Crying out the memories
A different one per tear.

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