Charming Prom Hairstyles at 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival 2010

{YBA} This year the hottest hair style was a “french twist”, that the likes of Salma Hayek, Helen Mirren, Evangeline Lilly, Cate Blanchette and even Eva Longoria-Parker, were sporting.  Whether it was tight, on top of the head, in the middle of the head or hanging loose, it was a hot, hot, hot, look.

At the 63 Annual Cannes Film Festival, all the celebs showed up dressed to the nines wearing the latest designs by Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, just to name a few.  No star was out shined and the girls all seemed to get the “french twist memo” regarding the look for hair this year!

Are you looking out for a stylish and stunning prom hairstyle? This time go for a ritzy red carpet hairstyle inspired from Cannes 2010 red carpet hairstyles. Here we present best red carpet womens hairstyles from Cannes 2010 that dazzled red carpet and can serve as apt prom hairstyles for 2010 as well.

From stylish side swept hairstyle, bob hairstyles to cornrow hairstyle and beehive hairstyles, lots of elegant and beautiful hairstyles were flaunted. Just go for one of top prom hairstyles for 2010 and rock the party.

Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger blonde hairstyle were presented at Cannes 2010. So, just choose a perfect hairstyle and get ready to surprise everyone with your new look.

Elizabeth Banks  Cornrow Hairstyle
Elizabeth Banks Cornrow hairstyle flaunted at Cannes 2010 day 9 is apt hair updo for a gorgeous look. Cornrow hairstyle is a classic style of braiding hair close to scalp. Cornrow Hairstyles for prom can be magical if you are looking for easy to maintain hairstyle. For a more decorative prom hairstyle, decorate braids with beads or shells.

Kate Beckinsale Beehive Hairstyle
Beehive hairstyle is elegant and very feminine hairstyle. For a breathtakingly beautiful look, go for beehive hairstyle for prom. It is easy to do. Start with extreme back combing and volume at roots then do a French pleat-style roll at back and you will rock Kate Beckinsale beehive hairstyle.

Naomi Watts Wavy Hairstyle
Lots of elegant, ritzy, classic and beautiful hairdo like Naomi Watts wavy hairstyle.

Princess Leia Hairstyle
Princess Leia hairstyle is one of the most iconic hairstyles. If you want to look different on this prom then get inspired by Fan Bing Bing Princess Leia hairstyle. This wrap around braid hairdo is very stunning.

Salma Hayek Bob Hairstyle
Bob hairstyles for prom were flaunted by many female celebrities on Cannes 2010 red carpet. Bob Hairstyle whether curly bob hairstyle like Salma Hayek or traditional bob hairstyles can do wonders for even a simple prom dress.

Kate Beckinsale Side Swept Hairstyle
Kate Beckinsale flaunted a very stylish side swept hairstyle on Cannes 2010 closing ceremony. It is also an apt prom hairstyle as well. Kate Beckinsale soft waves cascading down her back looked beautiful.

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