Romantic Husband and Wife SMS

{YBA} Hello sweet couple sms for you, In this post we are writing a cute selection of husband and wife sms. We hope you will like and enjoy these sms on husband and wife.

1. Difference between mother wife

What is the difference between mother wife ans mother brings into the world crying other ensures u to keep so.

2. Difference Between Mother Wife

What is the Difference Between Mother  Wife
A – One Woman Brings U into this world crying, the other ensures U Continue to do so

3. The ideal husband is the one

The ideal husband is the one who understands what his wife did not say.

4. An old rich man marries a young girl

Interviewer asks the girl: Apne in mein shaadi ke liye kya dekha ?
Girl: Ek to inki income aur doosre inke din kum.

5. Brave Husband than Wife

1 Wife Choohay (rate) sy darti hy, kakroch say darti hy, chipkali sy darti hy, husband sy nahi darti,
1 Husband hamesh bahadur mard hota hy, sher (lion) sy nhi darta, baqi sab darty hn, husband kisi jaanwar (animal) sy nahi darta,
bohat bahadur hota hy, Laykin (but)
Bahadur husband apni wife (biwi) say darta hy.

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