All About Praying Hands Tattoos

The first drawing of the traditional praying hands was done in Germany in 1508 by an artist by the name of Albrecht Durer. It was titled “Hands in Prayer” and later changed a bit to become a part of a praying apostle in a later work. According to Vanishing Tattoo, this is one of the most popular tattoos of all time-even though the original was burned in 1729 (sketches survived).

Durer believed he was working through his Creator to achieve his art. It’s appropriate that his “Hands in Prayer” drawing would be so popular for centuries.

Also according to Vanishing Tattoo, there’s a story about the hands Durer drew. They’re supposedly the hands of his brother, who worked in the mines to support his brother’s art training. In reality, the hands are too smooth to be those of a miner. Durer was an artist of a different kind-a metalworker. He transferred the techniques he learned on the job to his sketches. He was able to work with several mediums.

Praying Hands Tattoo Meaning:

Hands joined for praying needs neither any description nor explanation. One can easily associate it with religion and spirituality. Prayer is considered as a sacred practice and hence a praying hand tattoo can be inscribed to portray the person’s religious beliefs and attitude. However, one may not be aware but the praying hands tattoo is inspired from one of the most famous paintings in the world known by the name ‘The Praying Hands’ by Albrecht Durer. Several replicas of this masterpiece can be found in various parts of the world today. The legend behind this painting and consequently the tattoo is quite interesting.

Praying Hands Tattoo Designs:

This tattoo design is mostly made as an exact replica of the masterpiece. However, it can be modified a bit according to your creativity and preference. Praying hands tattoo with rosary beads is yet another popular design. In some parts of the world, the praying hands are also made in the memory of loved ones.

In that case, you can inscribe the person’s name at the base of this tattoo design. Praying hands tattoos look more attractive and better if made in blue, black or gray shades rather than the colorful one! One of the things to remember about this tattoo design is that it is usually made large in size and hence it is better to have this tattoo made on the shoulder, back or the upper arm. Also, praying hands tattoo can be made by both, men as well as women. Read more on sleeve tattoos.

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