Aries Tattoos: Be The First To Get The Best

If you were born between March 21st and April 19th, then you were born under the first sign of the zodiac and might want to consider getting an Aries tattoo design. This sign has many exciting elements that can be worked into the Aries tattoo design. The primary one is the glyph of the ram which is often shown with its horns prominently on display and ready for combat. Another great element that can be worked into the Aries tattoo design is fire, which is the cardinal element for this vivacious and exciting sign.

Since this sign is often representative of bravery and combat, many people often choose to have two rams butting heads and these Aries tattoo designs are often some of the most impressive ones that I have seen especially when they are used for chest or back pieces.

Of course, your Aries tattoo doesn’t have to be big and elaborate. I have seen many small tattoo designs done for the wrist and ankle that only feature the astrological glyph for the sign. Though these are often very simple they can show off the pride that you have in being born under this sign. They small designs are very discrete and easily hidden if necessary.

Aries Tattoos For Achievers As History Shows

If you were to look at the people in history who have made a grand difference in the world, people who made an impact in their chosen fields, you would find Aries among the top ten. People like Thomas Jefferson, Colin Powell, and Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci, and bright entertainers like Eddie Murphy, Mariah Carey, and Andrew Lloyd Weber, and even Victoria Beckham who proudly wears her Aries tattoos.

Each of these and many more embraced their Aries personality traits and strove ever forward to achieve their goals. While we do not know that Thomas Jefferson ever considered receiving Aries Tattoos, we do know that as a free thinking man, he probably would have been first in line at the nearest ink salon, requesting his Aries tattoos bare the mark of Independence; if they had been prevalent in his time!

Aries Tattoos Not For Everyone

Aries tattoos are not for the faint of heart, or the couch potato; no, they are reserved for the ones who seek out adventure, risk taking, balanced opposition, and true causes to get behind. They may have short attention spans on occasion, but Aries always has one foot on the stairs to somewhere else bigger and brighter than before. Hitching your cart to a person that wears Aries tattoos, could mean you will find success and happiness far beyond the normal.

Aries Tattoos Different Shapes, Sizes and Designs

The Aries Tattoos are in the shape of a Y with downward drooping arms on the top of the V section; since Red is the favored color of Aries, then encompassing the Aries tattoos with touches of red would be perfect. Add the numbers 6 and 7 to your Aries tattoos, and you will have a way to always remember your lucky numbers! For those who are born under the Zodiac sign of Aries, and were born on a Tuesday, then you are double blessed, and should add that information into your Aries Tattoos; Tuesday’s are your lucky days!

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