Aquarius Tattoo Meanings and Designs Ideas

Aquarius is considered the ninth sign in the Zodiac. It is named after the constellation of Aquarius. The stars form the image of a man pouring water from a bucket.

In Greek mythology Aquarius is sometimes associated with a youth called Ganymede. Apparently Zeus fell in love and took on the disguise of an eagle and swooped in and carried Ganymede off to become a cup-bearer to the gods.

Of course Ganymede wasn’t just any youth. He was a Trojan prince and was considered to be the handsomest of all mortals. So of course Zeus fell in love with him and swept him away to Olympus, where he blessed him with immortality and eventually placed his image in the heavens. As a cup-bearer to the gods he is shown eternally pouring out drinks for those he served.

It is also possible that Aquarius represents the god Ea, also known as “Lord of the Earth” and “Enki”. He is god over creation and over water. He was a known ladies man and seemed to sleep with every woman he met. One time, he slept with a woman and she got mad.

Aquarius Zodiac Tattoo Designs

The most important characteristics of Aquarius tattoo designs is that these designs are very expressive, creative, unconventional and communicative, just like the people belonging to this sign. Aquarius is a water bearer and many people utilize this image for their tattoo. Common Aquarius tattoo designs for men include a strong young man spilling water from a jug over his shoulder. A delicate pin-up type of a woman bathing in the ocean and scooping water into her long tresses is another of the popular Aquarius tattoos for women. A fairy-like creature standing in a dark pond, ladling up stars from the reflection in the water is often one of the Aquarius tattoo designs for girls.

The Aquarius glyph symbol, which consists of two jagged lines that appear like waves in water, is also sometimes used as a tattoo idea. However, most Aquarians do not use this symbol and they instead opt to make the waves more realistic. The waves can be made similar to the old Japanese woodblock oceans. Along with the horizontal waves, water droplets are also considered as symbols of Aquarius. To make the design more impressive and unique, a water lily or orchid flowers can also be tattooed along with the glyph. Aquarius tattoos with stars and glyph also make for a great tattoo design.

Mermaids is another tattoo design which is a popular Aquarius tattoo idea. Since the mermaids live in water, they can easily be made to suit Aquarius tattoo designs. They can be depicted, as mermaids perched above or below the symbol of waves.

After the mermaid, the water jug is a commonly used tattoo design. Pouring water jug is considered as a traditional symbol of the Aquarius sun sign. If you are creative enough, you can make pretty designs with this piece. You can also use it to honor your mother. It will become a portrait tattoo, where you depict your mother pouring the water jug to represent the life she has given you.

If you are looking for tribal Aquarius tattoos, then you can combine the elements relevant to this sun sign when you make a tattoo. An orchid flower can be drawn along the lines of tribal tattoos and it can be colored in colors like blue and turquoise. The other option is to show only the waves, but drawn as a tribal tattoo design using dark black ink.

Since the Aquarians have a mystical side to them, they prefer places which offer them a peaceful environment. Hence, blue and green are the most appropriate colors for an Aquarius zodiac tattoo design. You can research Aquarius tattoo designs on the internet, so that you are able to find the most appropriate tattoo design, which matches well with your personality.

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