Hibiscus Tattoo and Their Meanings

There are several meanings that the hibiscus flower tattoo can take on. One of the meanings is that of delicate beauty, this is the meaning often given to the hibiscus. No one can deny the beauty of the hibiscus and this makes it a suitable design for anyone looking for a symbol of beauty or delicacy. Another meaning that can be given to the hibiscus flower tattoo is to be consumed by love. This could be a great design to have inked on you instead of a partner’s name as a symbol of you devotion and loyalty.

It could also stand for a past or first love that you have now put behind you. The shape of the hibiscus can be placed on a variety of place on your body. Although a hibiscus flower tattoo may seem like a very feminine tattoo it is still possible to make it a masculine tattoo. Simply choose the right design and combine it with other elements to make it less girly. Choose your hibiscus flower tattoo carefully and remember to take your artist’s suggestions on board when getting inked. If you do, then you will end up with a design you can show off with pride.

Hibiscus Tattoos Meaning

There are many meanings attached to a hibiscus flower. In the Hawaiian islands a gift of hibiscus flowers means ‘to seize the opportunity’. A white hibiscus symbolizes enlightenment. Material wealth or royalty is indicated by the purple hibiscus. Read about flower tattoos and their meanings.

  • One of the common meanings attached to a hibiscus flower is that of delicate beauty.
  • A hibiscus flower also stands for “to be consumed by love”.
  • A lot of people choose to get a hibiscus tattoo design made instead of inking their partner’s name, as it is a symbol of devotion and loyalty. At the same time it can also stand for a past or first love, which has now been put behind.
  • There are people who get hibiscus tattoo designs made as a a mark of respect for their origins in the Hawaii islands. Hibiscus is the state flower of the Hawaii islands. Along with the hibiscus flower, they may also opt for some tribal tattoo design.
  • The other meaning attached to the hibiscus tattoo designs is that of the laid back style of life.
  • Last but not the least, a hibiscus tattoo can also symbolize short life, as the life span of a hibiscus flower is very small.

Hibiscus Tattoo Designs

Hibiscus tattoos are considered exotic and always made in bright colors. As compared to men, women are the ones who sport hibiscus tattoos. If men do opt for hibiscus tattoo designs, they are usually combined with tribal style tattoos. A lot of women choose to get hibiscus tattoos on foot. The colors used to make hibiscus tattoos are red, yellow, orange, white, pink, lavender, blue, purple or green.

Ankle, arms, chest, feet, stomach and back are the areas where these hibiscus tattoos are made. Women may also choose to get these designs made on the lower back, ankle, around the belly button, thighs and also butt checks.

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