Beautiful Examples of Animals Tattoo Design

In the world of tattoos, anything can be made into a design! Whatever catches your eye or pleases your intellect, can be turned into a design. Few designs seem to be liked by almost everyone, like for example heart tattoos or animal tattoo designs, etc. Why heart tattoos are popular is quite obvious, but why are animal tattoo designs so popular? Well, there are a couple of reasons, firstly, animals generally stand for qualities like power, timidness, etc.

when we think of any specific animal, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that specific quality of the animal. So, if a person wants to flaunt a quality like bravery, one would obviously select a lion, rather than a soldier, who also symbolises bravery! This was the figurative meaning of animal tattoos, the obvious meaning of course is the affection for animals. People get animal tattoo in the memory of their pet animal or simply because they are fond of animals! So, there are plenty of reasons to get an animal tattoo done. Let us now see a few animal tattoo designs.

Girls Animal Tattoo Design

Animal Tattoo

Animal Tattoo for Girls

Animal Tattoo Latest Design

Animal Tattoo on Back

Flying Eagle Tattoo for Girls

Koi Fish Tattoo for Girls

Phoenix Tattoo Design for Girls

Latest Animal Tattoo Design

Girl Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

Animal Tattoo on Feet

Animal Tattoo for Young Girls

Animal Tattoo Design for Girls

Animal Tattoo New Trend

Popular Animal Tattoos

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