Overview About Flowers Tattoo Designs

One very popular flower tattoo is the lotus flower, and the story behind it appeals to many people. Lotus flowers start at the bottom of a mucky, still pond. They slowly grow upwards, always heading for the light at the surface, and when they finally emerge they blossom into a beautiful flower. Hindu’s see the Lotus flower as a powerful symbol for spiritual awakening and rebirth. Many others see the Lotus flower as a symbol for overcoming adversity in life.
Other flowers have entire legends that are tied to them. Take Heather for example. Heather is a small, scrubby flower that grows on the moors of England and Scotland. Legend tells that when God created the barren moors he thought it would be nice to cover it with some sort of flower to make it look more attractive. He first turned to the Giant Oak, which was the biggest and strongest of trees, and asked if it would like to grow there. The oak declined, saying the soil was too thin for it to grow.

God next asked the honeysuckle if she would like to grow there and she quickly declined as well, saying she needed a fence or tree to grow up against.
He next turned to the rose, who said she could not possibly grow there, stating that the harsh wind, bitter cold, and blinding rain would tear her apart.

Disappointed, God turned away from all three and happened upon a small, flowering bush, with lavender and white flowers. It was the Heather flower. He asked the little flower if it would be willing to go grow on the hillsides to make them more beautiful. Heather thought about the harsh wind, cold nights, and blinding rain, and said she didn’t know if she could do it, but she would certainly give it a try.
God was so impressed that he decided to give her 3 gifts to help her. First, he gave her the strength of the oak. The bark of Heather is some of the strongest in the world.

Next, he gave her the fragrance of the honeysuckle. Heather’s fragrance is wonderful to smell, and is often used in soaps and lotions.

Lastly, he gave her the sweetness of the rose, making her bee’s favorite flower. To this day Heather covers the cold, bitter moors in a beautiful, flowering carpet that makes the hills light up.

Those are only two examples of legends associated with flowers, but there are literally thousands out there! Before you decide on any tattoo, spend some time researching what each flower means, and what legends are associated with it.

Apart from their beauty, flower tattoos also connect us to the natural world, because flowers symbolize fertility, procreation, death, and rebirth – the endless cycle of life. Plus, the various colors of flowers used in tattoos also are symbolic of different things. For example, the color red can mean passion, while a white flower signifies purity. Given below are a few popular flowers that are chosen as tattoo designs, along with what they symbolize:


The rose has always held a special place in our hearts, hence it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular subjects for tattoos. While each type of rose may signify different things to different people, however, over time each type of rose has been associated with certain traditional meanings, making the rose one of the most eloquent flowers. White roses convey simplicity and charm; Pink roses whisper of clandestine love; Yellow roses, rather morosely, communicate the waning of love, or warn of jealousy, or to let bygones be bygones; Rosebuds portray innocence and youth; and Red roses, of course, are the eternal symbol of love and passion.


There is a fascinating divergence in the significance of each type of lily. The calla lily bespeaks beauty and maidenly modesty; Frog lilies depict disgust; The water lily is a sign of the purity of the heart; The day lily signifies coquetry; The yellow lily portrays flirtatiousness and coquetry; The white lily, sweetness and purity; And the tiger lily urgently whispers a challenge to be loved.


This beautiful flower is said to originally have come from southern China, which then was taken to the Pacific Islands, and found its way to the United States in 1842. The hibiscus symbolizes delicate beauty.


Having its origins in India and Egypt, this flower is inextricably entwined with the religious customs, legends and myths of these ancient cultures. A lotus tattoo symbolizes enlightenment, peace, fortune, goodness, and beauty. In the West, it also represents estranged love along with the yearning it implies.


Generally, daisies symbolize innocence, although the various types of daisies are associated with their own unique significance. For example, the Michaelmas daisy is used for bidding farewell; Colored daisies depict beauty; The white daisy that grows in the wild whispers about thinking about matters.


This flower, over time, has come to mean a wide variety of meanings, some of which are: unrequited love, hope, deceitfulness, and even regard.


According to ancient Greek legend, it is said that Clytia, who was a lovely water sprite, fell hopelessly in love with Apollo, the sun deity. Clytia stood tall and straight for nine days, in admiration of her love and hoping for his attention. But Apollo did not notice Clytia, hence she was transformed into the sunflower, which continues to have her face upturned towards the Sun God, following him as he crosses the firmament. Thus, the sunflower depicts the splendor of ardor.

Of course, there are many, many more flowers, each with different meanings. When you get a flower tattoo, it can either be as bold and large as you want it to be or dainty and small. Irrespective of the flower tattoo you choose, whether a lotus, a daffodil, or a rose, it will signify something special and unique about you.

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