The Meaning Behind Cherry Tattoos

Tattoos have become a very popular form of expression in recent years. In fact, tattooing popularity is not limited to men, as women have taken to wearing ink in increasing numbers as well. Cherry tattoos, for instance, are a favorite with many women. Cherry tattoos have a number of symbolic meanings that resonate with many women (and some men) and happen to be a design that can fit just about anywhere.

Cherry tattoos have quite a bit of symbolism attached to them. Cherries, it seems have held a certain fascination with people for hundreds of years. Indeed, fruits have long been associated with a variety of meanings. Cherries, for their part, are said to be a universal symbol of beauty. The taste and visual appeal of a cherry is said to invoke the ideas of beauty and love; with its deep red color and strong, intense flavors. Cherry tattoos are intended to reflect this for many wearers.

One of the more significant symbolic meanings associated with cherries and cherry tattoos are fertility. This sexual symbolism is especially appealing for women. As such, many ladies will get cherry tattoos placed on their inner thighs, hips or even the groin area. The deep red color of cherries has been connected to the color of lips and kissing. The erotic nature of cherries has moved many women to favor cherry tattoos for this reason.

Cherries and cherry tattoos also represent chastity and purity. This is true if a cherry is still on the tree, so many women will opt to have cherry blossom tattoos to signify this. A cherry that is plucked, however, symbolizes a loss on innocence. On the other hand, cherry tattoos that are surrounded by fire symbolize strong passion and voracious desire. Suffice to say that cherry tattoos offer women very significant and strong sexual symbolism that has a very innocent appearance.

The most common symbolism for a cherry is fertility. There are numerous reasons why a cherry symbolizes fertility. Just looking at a large, colorful, juicy cherry you can see where some may compare the taste of a cherry to the taste of your first love. Cherries are known to be either incredibly sweet or incredibly sour, which is how many people would consider relationships and love to be as well.

Cherries are intensely colored and have a strong taste that can be used to symbolize fertility. They are often large, round, and red which can symbolize a lovers lips and does in a variety of old stories. In the modern world, the cherry often references virginity and the loss of it. The cherry has been connected with fertility, love, relationships, etc. for a long time and the symbolism continues to carry on throughout the generations.

Cherry tattoo designs can symbolize a wide variety of different things. Some women tattoo a cherry on themselves to symbolize virginity or purity. I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase, but the cherry, even today is often referenced when describing the purity of a women. For this reason the cherry can symbolize innocence, or in some cases, depending on how the cherry is depicted, the lack of innocence. Lack of innocence is often depicted through a plucked or smashed cherry. This innocence can be that of the individuals, or can symbolize a much broader innocence. Perhaps that of the world.

Indeed, this is a one of the more appealing aspects of cherry tattoos. The visual presentation of a cherry is certainly innocent and unassuming. There is no overt or displeasing connotations associated with the picture of a cherry. Women feel that they can express their sexuality with cherry tattoos without being offensive or demeaning. This can be a vital consideration for the business woman or other professional who may be concerned about negative impression that may stem from having a racy tattoo.

Cherry tattoos also fit just about anywhere. Again, this makes them perfect for women. Cherry tattoos are usually done in small to medium sized pieces. This makes them perfect for the spots that women generally enjoy placing tattoos. Whether it is on the ankle or small of the back, cherry tattoos are a perfect design.

Cherry tattoos are a great choice for women who are looking to ad some ink to theirs bodies. Cherry tattoos look great wherever they are placed. The ladies will definitely appreciate the fact cherry tattoos offer strong symbolic meaning without being unduly offensive or racy. Ladies can’t go wrong with selecting cherry tattoos.

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