Beautiful Examples Of Demon Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is out of this world, it is Elm Streets Freddie and he is coming to get you while you are sleeping. Pretty funny but the tattoo is totally awesome. The artist really did a great job at designing this wild tattoo. To many folks, demon tattoos have significant negative connotations; but to others, demons may be a symbol of the struggle between good and evil.

Over time the image of demons has gone from being an emblem of both the good and bad in the divine, to being simply a satanic figure. To other people, demon tattoos may simply be a symbol of their own mischievous nature, or show a connection that they feel to the darker things in life.

There are many different demon tattoos but the one in this picture is probably associated with the Japanese variety. Japanese demon tattoos come complete with a wide range of different characters, some sweet and innocent looking, some quite goofy and still others which are very scary. Some favorite Japanese demons are Inuyasha the dog – demon, and the fox and raccoon demons who are shape-shifters and tricksters.

Angel and Demon Tattoo Design

Demon Tattoo Design for 2011

Demon Tattoo Design

Demon Tattoo for Back

Demon Tattoo for Men

Demon Tattoo Latest Design

Demon Tattoo New Design

Demon Tattoo on Back

Demon Tattoo Trend

Latest Demon Tattoo Design for 2011

Latest Demon Tattoo Design

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Men Demon Tattoo Design

Demon Tattoo on Arm

Demon Tattoo

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