The Meaning Behind Wolf Tattoos

Wolf tattoos are no strangers in the tattoo design world. The reason for this is that wolf tattoos symbolize so many traits, both positive and negative, making them flexible symbols perfect for a tattoo design. The wolf is a very adaptable design as it can mean both ferocious and mothering. It can mean cunning and loyal as well. As a predator, the wolf exhibits both its good sideĀ  a team player, loyal, courageous and disciplined and its bad side a cold, calculated, and cruel killer. This is precisely why for those who have chameleon like qualities, becoming good then bad at the snap of a finger, they opt to choose wolf tattoos as their ink design.

In myths and legends, the wolf is again, split into tow categories. In Northern America, the wolf is viewed as a leader, a guide, a teacher. The Roman folklore also viewed the wolves positively as Romulus and Remus were brought up by a wolf when they were growing up. However, if you do check Asian myths, the wolf is seen as a devious symbol, someone who is bound to be a traitor and an antagonist. The Christians also see the wolf as the devil as Jesus Christ is viewed as the shepherd of mankind, protecting man from the wolf.

So if you are thinking of getting wolf tattoos as your ink this year, then these are the symbols and meanings of this ever favorite character in the tattoo world. Wolf tattoos may not be very unique in themselves but you can personalize yours by asking your artist to tweak your design just the way you like it.

Wolf Tattoo Meanings

Aggression, power and energy are the most significant meanings related to the wolf tattoos. As mentioned above, wolves are always considered menacing and evil and hence, wolf tattoos are sported by those who are fascinated by fierceness of the wolf. The wolf is also one of the most widely used mythical character, appearing in several folk tales and fables. This adds mystery and charm with an element of danger to it. Wolves are also associated with cruelty and cunningness. These unique characters of the wolf makes it more captivating and bewitching.

However, there are several positive meanings associated with the wolf. The wolf holds an important role in the lives of the North American tribes. In their culture, the wolf symbolizes intelligence and guidance. As the wolves live in a pack, they represent unity and loyalty. According to the Roman mythology, it was a mother wolf that is believed to have nurtured Remus and Romulus, the twin founders of the ancient city of Rome.

Hence, they consider wolf as a warm and gentle, yet protective figure. On the other hand, in astrology, the picture of the wolf is represented by the constellation Sirius. Qualities like fearlessness, courage and power are also attributed to the wolf. Therefore, those possessing these qualities can sport the wolf tattoos happily.

Wolf Tattoo Designs

Although wolf tattoos are mostly sported by men, women can also have it if they find it suits them. Once you have decided to go for the wolf tattoo, you need to research a bit before finalizing the design. You can have only the head of the wolf or its entire body imprinted on your body. Tribal wolf tattoo designs made only in black color also look attractive and are equally popular.

A pack of wolves, or a wolf near the moon, or howling wolf tattoo designs are the other ideas for wolf tattoos you can think of. On the other hand, you can go for the typical Native American designs like wolves led by man or vice-versa. All the emotions of the wolves, like its howl, growl, cry, ferocious look, etc. can be depicted in wolf tattoo designs. Similarly, wolf tattoo designs can be made in red, white, black, dark blue, etc. colors.

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