How Skating Can Help You Lose Weight

Exercising can be tedious. The thought of going to the gym every day to do a workout you don’t enjoy just to take forever to see results is exhausting. Or worse…running. It’s difficult to get disheartened by the thought of doing something that you don’t really like, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. But, fortunately, there are easier ways, and one of the best and most fun way to shed pounds is with skating.

You can skate anywhere you like and any time. You can skate on ice, on the pavement or even through your house (if you aren’t afraid of knocking over a coffee table or skating over your cat). It is exciting, fun and doesn’t involve a boring weight routine or a treadmill (unless you REALLY wanted to get creative, but that is not necessarily recommended unless you’re really good at all of those things). All you need is the proper hockey or skating equipment.

Most importantly, though, this type of exercise works. Here are some ways that you can lose weight from skating.

It Burns Calories

Burning calories is essential to losing weight. If you want your skating routine to work for you, you will have to put in some time. A quick skate down the street won’t burn much, but if you go out for a fun roll for even just an hour, you can burn up to 500 calories. That’s a pretty good amount of calories to burn just for having fun. It is about the same (or more) that you can burn from jogging, and you definitely won’t be counting down the minutes like when you’re trying to go for a long run.

It Builds Muscle

Skating is much different from running because it requires a different skill. Anyone can run, but skating is something that you have to learn to do. You’ll have to activate different muscles that you haven’t used before, especially those that keep you balanced. Whether you’re on ice or on wheels, you will be forced into a different state of balance than you’re used to from walking on your own feet. This activates muscles in your core, glutes, back and legs to keep you from falling over. Activating these muscles helps them grow, so you’ll be able to build muscle while you burn fat and lose inches.

It Builds Endurance

Skating helps you develop your endurance in a fun and interesting way. When you’re out having fun, you might not even realize that each time you’ll be able to go for a little bit longer. Because you’re building muscle quickly, your endurance will increase as well. This happens at a much quicker rate than running or doing a few bicep curls at the gym. Your lungs will get healthier, your heart will get healthier and your muscles will get stronger. All of this allows for your body to work harder for longer, and you won’t even think twice about it. And of course, the longer you can work out for, then the more calories you will burn and the more muscle you will build which will allow you to lose even more weight.

Skating is a great way to change up your exercise routine for the better. You can become lean, strong and well balanced just by going out and doing something that is fun. If you enjoy skating on the ice or rolling down the street, then you will love how much weight you’ll be able to lose essentially by playing. Now, if you’re a beginner, be cautious. Your newfound weight loss will probably come with a few falls and bruises at first, but as you develop muscle strength, balance and endurance, you will find skating to be a great and fun (and eventually even bruise-free) way to lose weight.

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