7 Reliable Ways to Treat Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne treatment is one of the many options that people have explored, and a lot has been discovered about how hormones can be used to treat acne. If the acne is hormonal, based on a clinical assessment and/or blood work, then the birth control pill is something to consider, or another pill called spironolactone.

The most common period of life when the adrenal glands start to produce these hormones is at the onset of puberty. This helps explain why oily skin and acne are so prevalent among teenagers. Getting breakouts during our special time of the month is a drag and although it seems inevitable.

If you’re looking for ways to treat hormonal acne and improve the condition of your skin overall, I highly suggest that you check out these some ways to treat hormonal acne! You can treat acne naturally by keeping the skin clean and applying astringents you can make at home.

The Best Solution for The Hormonal Acne Treatment

  1. Apply a thin layer of honey to your acne and allow it to dry. Rinse the mixture thoroughly from your acne with warm water. The honey can remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, which can block your pores.
  2. A good way to treat hormonal acne is to eat a clean diet. Cut out sugar, white flour, hydrogenated fats, etc. and start eating more whole foods. Your diet makes a huge difference in the condition of your skin so it’s definitely worth the effort!
  3. Apply an over-the-counter acne treatment cream. Creams that contain benzoyl peroxide have been shown to be the most effective in treating acne.
  4. Supplements like spirulina, chlorophyll, zinc and fish oils are all known to help replenish lipids, help control oil and detoxify skin. Taking these supplements consistently will help get your skin healthy and resilient!
  5. Try home remedies for clearing hormonal acne. Mash up one clove of fresh garlic. Apply the mashed garlic to your acne and leave on overnight as this has been shown to reduce hormonal acne.
  6. Alpha hydroxyl acids are naturally obtained from citrus, and they are some of the best acids to help eliminate the dead skin cells on your skin. They will also help to keep your pores free of clogs, and they are a very useful topical treatment to help you deal with your acne.
  7. Peel a clove of garlic and slice it open with a knife. Hold the sliced end to your acne for no more than five minutes. Garlic acts as an astringent and also has antiseptic properties, which can kill bacteria.

You’ll find that a hormonal acne treatment is just one option, but many more natural and effective treatments exist. Visit a doctor, or someone with a doctor of nursing practice to learn about clinical strength hormonal acne treatments.

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